Tier 10 Healing Bonuses

The new Tier 10 bonuses are available for preview. Note that none of them are finalized yet but these are some serious bonuses. Check them out:


  • 2 piece: The healing granted by your Wild Growth spell reduces 0% less over time.
  • 4 piece: Each time your Rejuvenation spell heals a target, it has a 2% chance to jump to a new target at full duration.
  • Paladin

  • 2 piece: The cooldown on your Divine Favor talent is reduced by 60 sec.
  • 4 piece: Your Holy Shock spell causes the next Holy Light you cast within 10 sec to have 0.3 sec reduced cast time.
  • Priest

  • 2 piece: After your Pain Suppression and Guardian Spirit talents expire on your target, they grant your target 10% increased healing received for 10 sec.
  • 4 piece: Your Flash Heal spell has a 15% chance to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance Spells.
  • Shaman

  • 2 piece: Your Riptide spell grants 20% spell haste for your next spellcast.
  • 4 piece: Your Chain Heal critical strikes cause the target to heal for 25% of the healed amount over until cancelled.
  • If I were to rank these bonuses, I would have to say the 2 piece for Druids is a clear winner. Wild Growth without the reduction in healing strength as a constant bonus? That’s a strong bonus. The 4 piece translates to 1 in every 50 Rejuvenations will switch to a new target with a full duration a chance for Rejuv to jump per tick application.

    For Paladins, I’m really liking the 4 piece myself. Holy Light’s going to see some even heavier use. But that 2 piece basically means a 1 minute cooldown on Divine Favor. That’s pretty darn sick.

    The Priest 2 piece seems okay at first glance. It’s going to take Pain Suppression talents and the Guardian Spirit glyph to make it truly stand out. Remember how long their cooldowns are. I have to give the edge to Guardian Spirit especially if you have the glyph. The 4 piece one looks really good to me no matter what spec you are. I don’t think we’re going back to the days of the Circle of Healing spamming Holy Priest or anything.

    And as for Shamans, they seem to consistently rank high on the tier bonuses. Riptide giving haste? Chain Heal crits doing even more healing?

    How are you liking the upcoming tier 10 bonuses?

    31 thoughts on “Tier 10 Healing Bonuses”

    1. I read the druid 4-piece as every tick having a 2% chance of jumping to a new target. That would translate to one jump every 12-13 casts (on unique targets), assuming all the ticks occur. Either way, the 2-piece alone is simply ridiculous.
      .-= krizzlybear´s last blog ..If I Only Had A Brain =-.

    2. Actually, since each Rejuvenation tick has a 2% chance a single 12 second (4 tick) rejuvenation would have 7.77% chance (roughly) to get at least 1 extra Rejuvenation off. Then, consider that the new Rejuvenation also has chances to make more rejuvenations you’ve got some serious business.

      Chance for 0 extra from 1 rejuvenation: 1*(.98)^4 = 92.236816%
      Chance for 1 extra from 1 rejuvenation: 4*(.98)^3*(.02) = 7.529536%
      Chance for 2 extra from 1 rejuvenation: 6*(.98)^2(.02)^2 = 0.230496%
      Chance for 3 extra from 1 rejuvenation: 4*(.98)(.02)^3 = 0.003136%
      Chance for 4 extra from 1 rejuvenation: 1*.02^4 = 0.000016%

      or, as you would expect

      Average number of extra rejuvenations = .08 or 1 out of 12.5

      So you can see this as an 8% buff to rejuvenation OR

      when you consider that this can ‘chain’, with bonus rejuvenations possible granting even more rejuvenations, the effective bonus is
      1/(1-.08)-1 ~ 8.70%

      And that’s my math for the day.

    3. Honestly, if it were only possible to happen once per cast, instead of once per tick, that would be a pretty weak buff.

      1/(1-.02) = 2.04% buff.

      As 2% buff to 1 spell would be pretty weak, and certainly undeserving of a 4-piece bonus.

    4. Druid. I also read it as a chance per tick, but will it rejuv a target that currently has a rejuv?

      Paladin 2 peice is a strong buff to a weak ability. I mainly use on a boss pull for that first heal or through a emergency macro that I might use at best once or twice a raid. In either case the cooldown change is unlikely to be noticed.

    5. If I actually go back to my Shaman (and it’s likely given that PvP leveling is slow slow slow), those T10 bonuses are looking sexy.

      I’ve been toying around lately with the decision of my Priest or my Shaman to run IC 5s and random PuGs with. I’m beginning to think the Shaman is clearly the choice here because he’s better geared (not well, but better), already 80, and seems to be perfectly adequate regarding healing throughput these days.

      Plus, the main draw of my Priest (aside from that I love the class) is that he’s a Dwarf and not a Draenei. When race changes come in and Cataclysm introduces Dwarf Shamans, I really don’t know if there’s a reason I won’t Sham it up, especially if set bonuses keep being as cool as T10.
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    6. The 2P resto druid bonus is definitely very, very good. But it’s not as good as people believe. The drop off in healing is not as large as people think. As SP goes up, the percentage drop goes down. And the final ticks are typically overheal, anyway, since reactive healers begin to stomp on those ticks. But the bonus is definitely very strong and makes T10 worth using in raid healing situations.

      4PT10 is very lackluster, however. Every 1 in 50 ticks is a rejuv you can’t control. 5 extra ticks once every 10 rejuvenations. Which is equivalent to our 4PT9 w/o the control factor (not to mention the fact that with Icecrown gear, we should have over 20% crit, which would make T9 better if not for the fact that T10 will have better stats).

      2P is great, though.

      LOL @ the moonkin bonus, though. No CD on starfire eclipse? Awesome. Time to stack lots of haste. =)
      .-= Lume´s last blog ..Alone in the Darkness =-.

    7. Neither of the paladin ones are THAT good tbh. The 4 piece is a watered down version of the old IoL proc, which is useful to be sure, but not exactly ground breaking. At least it’s fun.

      As for divine favor – I don’t hate it, but guaranteed crits don’t mean that much when you crit every other cast anyway. It amounts to, at most, 10,000 extra healing a minute.

      To be fair however, they are vastly better than both the tier 8 and tier 9 set bonuses.
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    8. hi,
      i do not see why the 2pc druid should be op. by the time the 2nd and 3rd ticks come in, coh/poh are through. so all you get is a lot of oh.

      4pc druid is: wb rj carpeting. just sad. especially with the haste rj glyh they might put in the game.

    9. the T10 set bonus is sorta nice for priests, after taking it in the ass on penance in the first place.

      but again, rather meh.

      all of it.

    10. Overall some cool stuff.

      What I could see happening ( especially for HM Arthas or any other hard hitting bosses ) is a situation of 3 Holy priests chaining their Glyphed GS on the tank. With the glyph and 2 piece T10, you can keep that + healing received buff up 100% of the time.

      The bonus’ this go around are much “cool/unique”. It seems they like the Borrowed Time talent from Disc, and are allowing our Shaman friends to see what it’s like, rather than a flat X% crit to Y spell.

      I wonder how the numbers will actually play out when all is said and done.
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    11. 2 piece: After your Pain Suppression and Guardian Spirit talents expire on your target, they grant your target 10% increased healing received for 10 sec.

      Neat idea, canes, and i’m sure we’ll try it on at least a fight or so… but well half the time, but yeah that could work provided the tank doesnt dip under half health, which in that case that plan goes to heck, and suddenly you have a 3min CD again for a whopping 10% heal bonus for ten seconds.

      total garbage.

    12. Err smeedsc, I think you misunderstand how Guardian spirit works. It only triggers if the target would have otherwise died and heals them up to half health. It doesn’t trigger if they fall below half health.

    13. I think the 4p bonus for priests is absolutely insane. Even more so if you are Discipline (since you get more time to reset the timer). I’d like to explore the option of dropping the glyph of penance once you have 4p bonus.

      I did some very rough math last night on it but I think the bonus is pretty substantial for disc priests and still quite good for holy.

      I was REALLY surprised to see druids 4p bonus. That seems really good, if not confusing. I think it will suck for their main tank healing, with a chance of their hots jumping off the tank to someone who might not need it (ala the issues with PoM).

      Pallies are OP.

      I like the shaman bonuses. I’m not sure if I like it enough to give up my 4p t8 though. Most likely I won’t really have a choice since the iLvl jump will be so much.
      .-= Xeonio´s last blog ..3.3: Tier Bonuses Review =-.

    14. Ok, am I the only one who isn’t a fan of the priest bonuses for holy…. like at all?

      GS is not a throughput spell, it is our oh sh!t button, this bonus essentially makes it a trinket, and you’ll see priests casting it for the 40%–>10% bonus, and then when they ‘need it’ it will be on CD, even glyphed im not a fan… i tihnk it really downplays the spell. I’ve heard some people talk about being able to keep it up 50-100% of the time with stacking priests… just seems really gimmicky to me. Pass.

      The COH CD, is only a 15% chance…. so I can see priests using SOL procs to ‘eat’ and then hope for a CD. Back to the Sunwell days of Circle of Spam? No thanks….

      For disc… fine, the 4pc is all sorts of awesome. For holy… im really hoping the revisit it… really.

    15. @Derevka

      Early days of Sarth +3, before tanks could outgear the “super breaths”, GS was very much a planned use, not an O sh!t button. We raid with only 2 priests currently (and I as disc), so it’s not something that would be common occurrence.

      The possibility exists though. Just like early Sarth, there could be uses for GS, outside of the o sh!t situations, that may warrant 40%–>10%—>40%—>10% increased healing.

      I’d agree, the disc 4 piece is all sorts of awesome. It’d change my playstyle, but extra Penance is always a good thing.
      .-= Canes´s last blog ..\(-.-)/ =-.

    16. I have to agree with Derevka on the priest set bonus. GS is not used that often, yes in bossfights at certain moments when a tank needs a so called “save”. And if you use it woot your target receives an extra 10 seconds 10% heals…meh.
      4 set bonus…Cast CoH, after that cast a flash heal, 1 out of aprox 6-7 flash heals will maybe give you the CD back from CoH who has a CD left at that point from 4 seconds…yea its realy awesome…if they change it.
      Think Blizzard can do better with this since they already made useless bonus on 4 set pieces for holy priests on the tier 8 and 9 :S

    17. aye, artoo, I just checked the tooltip on the glyph, you are correct, I never glyph for it, and usually am disc, I had sworn I read a tooltip about the glyph and the one minute thing being based on health as well as being consumed.

      I appreciate the clarification.

      however, fact remains, its still shit 😛

    18. Thank god they changed the priest one, found on MMO champion.

      Quote from: Bornakk (http://blue.mmo-champion.com/27/20140813501-tier10-bonuses-feedback.html)

      * 2 piece bonus – Your Flash Heal critical strikes cause the target to heal for 25% of the healed amount over 9 sec.
      * 4 piece bonus – Your Circle of Healing and Penance spells have a 20% chance to cause your next Flash Heal cast within 6 sec to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance spells.


      * 2 piece bonus – While your Divine Illumination talent is active, your healing spells are increased by 35%.
      * 4 piece bonus – Your Holy Shock spell causes the next Holy Light you cast within 10 sec to have 0.3 sec reduced cast time.

    19. I may make a post on this, but I feel that set bonuses should be a thing of the past.

      Take a look at the priest ones–the 4pc has a potential to be very, very restrictive in terms of the priest’s “best” rotation.

      The druid ones work together to make Rejuv/Wild Growth spam the best way to go. And I thought they wanted us to use all the tools in the box?

      I think we need to have set pieces that equal “offset” pieces in overall stat allocation and have no bonuses at all. The benefit of the “set” should be the look of a set. Offset pieces should look different –maybe plainer? Offset pieces should prioritize different stats–say, crit heavy, or haste heavy, or spirit heavy. That would give people multiple options in looks as well as stat allocation.

    20. I miss the days of farming up mats, and praying for abom stitchings to get a badass 4th out of 8 pieces.

      I dont mine the tier bonus, but they really dont have the meaning they once had.

      hell now as disc / holy I have the t9.25 set but am bustin ass to get the haste gear out of that place, because as I flip roles alot due to guild needs the holy part of that set sucks ass. if I wanted to spam rejuv i’d be a druid, which also brings me to… no offense syd, my wife is a tree. =) but wtf, lets buff rejuv and wg spam more? its not op enough??

      /me shoots self for using 8 spells at least while healing.
      /me rolls tree

    21. The 4pc Holydin bonus’s have very, very little value. Divine Favor itself is very rarely used. Depending on the duty you’ve been assigned, its often put into a 3 – heal combo where you pop it, use Holy Shock then an instant FoL. And thats only in an emergancy healing situation.
      The 2pc serves very little purpose to assist in this because if these emergancies come up that often(which they might, its always possible) either the encouter in question is very, very tank healing intensive, your tanks aren’t properly gearing themselves or geared enough, or there is some larger healing issue that needs work. Overall, a very wasteful bonus.

      The 4pc bonus is just as bad, because Holy Shock is generally used for either emergancy healing, or healing on the move. Neither of which would provide an opportunity afterwards to cast a Holy Light and a 0.3 reduction in cast time, while good, would not make up for the two FoL you could cast in that time.

      In general, the modern Holy Paladin is often using FoL more and more, and on fights where the tank damage ramps up(Gormok HM comes to mind as a current content example) it would probably be a better use of a GCD to begin casting your next Holy Light rather then waste a Holy Shock then begin casting a Holy Light. Depending on the stats and itemization of tier pieces come T10, I don’t see many Holy Paladins jumping for their 4piece over other non-tier pieces

      But, Blizz could always change it and bad set bonus’s aren’t limited to just Holy Paladins either, the Prot Paladin ones go from “meh” to terrible that, if the stats weren’t such a large upgrade, I’d rather keep 4piece T9.

    22. To all those who say that WG takes up a huge proprtion of raid healing is way OTT. It’s as generous to a druid’s raid healing as any other of the healing classes’ second best heals (esp in regard to shamans and priests). And this is partly the point: WG should not at the present time be top of healing meters because Rejuv is so much more powerful atm. Most of the Resto druids i’ve seen simply spam WG no end with no concept of its strategic significance – moreover as a buffer for direct healing classes.
      At present I have the glyph of Wild Growth that allows one extra person to benefit from it, but no way is it at the same level as rejuv on healing meters.
      I was looking at the healing meters for last night’s TOC 25 Hard modes and for both the Holy Priests and Resto Shamans, their second best heals were as good as than my WG. So to say it’s overpowered means you really don’t take heed of what a druid is really capable of because if your resto druid’s top heal is constantly WG, then ofc you’re going to think it’s OP when in reality they should be getting better heals with rejuv making WG much less overpowered.

    23. After som extensive testing of the shaman bonuses i can pretty much say the t10 bonuses are one of the best ones ever!

      on a full ICC raid, Marrowgar -> Sindragosa, the 4 set bonus proc healed a total amount of 1,45 mill, with 3755 ticks of about 400 healing each with 70,9% uptime, that concludes about 7,5 of my total healing done for the full run, pretty decent for a set bonus

      It really shines on fights like BQL where it was 10% of my healing done doing 215k healing alone with 93% uptime.

      I must say im very satisfied. 🙂


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