The Mercenary Healer?

The Mercenary Healer?

With Cataclysm dropping on December 7th, and BlizzCon this month on October 22nd and 23rd, a lot of people are planning to have some downtime before the new content is released. Guilds are taking breaks to unwind or just have fun outside of a full-blown raid. My guild will likely be taking a break from raiding to work on fun things like achievements and mount runs before Cataclysm very soon. That does however leave me with some free time in game for probably a month. So I’d like to share with you my plans for the downtime before the expansion.

First on my list are the ICC drakes. I want them both, and very badly. I haven’t stepped foot in ICC-10 but a handful of times and haven’t really tried to get the meta achievement before, but now I’m making it a priority to complete these tasks. Likely it wont take me too long to get all the achievements in the meta and get my lovely — and super fast– pile of dragon bones. After that however I have a plan for my time. Not every guild is stopping raids before Cataclysm. In fact many will go right up to the expansions release. I know of a few that having a hard time with certain boss fights, particularly with healing.

A couple weeks ago I got a tell asking if I would heal an ICC -10 man heroic. I politely declined, only to receive a tell from the person again, and this time with an offer of gold. 5k gold in fact. I declined again because I was scheduled to be in a 10 man heroic run with guild mates later that week. But it sort of got me thinking. I’ve always been terrible about earning money in WoW. I hate farming, I level tradeskills to help my raiding and the guild, but don’t generally farm mats to saturate the market or what have you. I generally have enough gold to be comfortable, but not rich by the game’s standards. So would it be wrong of me to accept a cash reward for healing through content like that? I mean, I know the fights, I’m already geared and would require NO loot from any of the bosses, and by the time I do this I’ll already have all my achievements. I bring my own consumables with me wherever I go. So is it wrong to accept a cash reward for my healing and knowledge of the encounters?

I don’t think it is. I won’t demand it per say, but I will accept it and will always accept the highest bidder. For the weeks leading up to Cataclysm I will become a mercenary healer. I will heal for the highest bidder and the highest profit. I view it as simply welcoming the mentality of our soon to be goblin shaman brothers early, as it is a business model they would approve of I think. It would also present me with a unique opportunity to see how other groups run their raids. It may sound like I’m being a bit of a jerk here but I find it a much more enjoyable use of my time. I could level an army of alts or various professions, but I already have 5 level 80’s and have plans for another alt on another server for a special project.

So that’s my plan leading up to the Cataclysm release. To become a mercenary healer, and hopefully live up to standard set before me by the original A-Team.

What about you? Is your guild taking a break before diving into Cataclysm? If so, what are you going to do? Will you level alts? Level professions? Will you just take the time off and relax? Maybe play other games?

Well that’s it for today. Until next time, happy healing!

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  1. Dragonrose says:

    Hmm, not directly related, but I was actually thinking that, come Cataclysm, as soon as we get the extra gold perk, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give guild members a “salary2 of sorts, depending on how fast the gold trickles in.

  2. Continuous says:

    Although I really like the idea I cant help but wonder WHO is whispering you to heal for them? Unless your reputation is so great that random 10m raids want you to heal you arent going to be able to makes this scheme work.

    Luckily, for those of us that are not famous their are GDKPs! GDKPs end up being close to the same thing gold wise so it isnt very much a loss the only problem is the possibilities of ninja raid leader and even that is very unlikely.

    Another possible profit I often see on my server is a big “carry” GDKP. Essentially it is 18 Kingslayers and 7 carries. The 7 carries pay some 15k gold to get in and 2k at least on loot in exchange for the expensive price of it all it is guaranteed to go 12/12 and do 4 heroics.

    • It is actually a fairly common occurrence for healers from the big raiding guilds on the server to get tells like that.

    • It might go server by server, but healers in progressed guilds will sometimes get requests to participate in such runs.

      I don’t get asked because of my blog :(. I get asked because of the shiny orange I have hanging on my belt. Why can’t people invite me for who I am instead of the gear I’m wearing? 🙁

  3. Continuous, your guild is charging 15k and 2k per loot from people who don’t have the time or abilities to get in a raiding guild. Who also probably don’t have the time or abilites to earn the gold they need you are asking for. So where do you think they are getting the gold from? Maybe gold sellers/spammers? The people that Blizzard is warning us about each time we log into the game. Maybe you guild might want to put out an invite people fot an ICC run with some of your “Kingslayers” to help some people who may not have the time to raid three or four times a week. I would happy to donate a few coin to any guild that offers such a run on my realm (Sentinals. Now the calls for ICC runs are that you Must have 6K plus GS and be able to do minimum of 6k dps. It is a catch 22, you must be well geared to go in those raids now but you cannot get in the raids unless you are well geared. The GDKP runs sound great I hope my realm starts to do them.

    • Continuous says:

      I am gonna get a lot of flack for this but honestly, the idea behind these runs is not charity… its to make gold. But the people come to these runs normally play a lot but play the AH not raids or maybe they have nothing but PvP gear, who knows.

      And as far as giving a way free runs, thats a bit unfair, I mean the raiders waste a save in ICC25 on an alt and have worked hard to get their gear and titles (Kingslayer, Bane, Light etc…) and to think they (17 people who are real and have things they could be doing other then carrying people)
      should carry someone for a few hours for free is just rediculous. If their is a way to make money off of something you can do, do it.

      (One last thing, my guild isn’t the one that does the Kingslayer runs, I wish it was bit it simply isnt.)

      And for your last comment about GS, on my server ICC10 is 5k and ICC25 is 5.3k its not a ton. I have never seen it ever go as high as 5k.

    • This is just insulting! I am not a big raider, simply because time does not allow, and if I wanted to pay to see the content why not? I play the AH but I am not a gold farmer or some such. If some people are willing to pay for the ability to see the content and others willing to carry them, it doesn’t automatically mean the ones being carried are lazy or “those people that Blizzard keep warning us about”. In fact, I seriously don’t think any gold farmer is going to SPEND the gold hes farming to run content. Gold farmers are not there to have fun they are there to make gold.

  4. Annoyingly enough, my guild went on break and then disbanded, so I am flailing around picking up the pieces, setting up a new guild to enter into Cataclysm with. I have lost my focus due to the disbanding; I had plans neatly laid out, an alt to level, professions to get to max, all of that; now I just pick off a bit of work here and there between sorting WoW and RL business out. It’s not exactly how I had planned to spend this time, but fate throws you some funny turns at times.

  5. 4.0.1 is around the corner and classes have gone through drastic changes. My guild and I (serious pvp guild) are taking this dull period to practice and master our new classes, get some practice in BGs and go into Cata ready and prepared to dominate!

    Very much looking forward to the next few months 🙂

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