Thanksgiving Comes Early for Carnage

We’re all having a big giant turkey. Al’ar down after 3 hours, and much frustration (Picture on Flickr on the right). But we managed to get the job done despite the random fracturing in the raid tonight for some reason. It seemed like everyone had a rough day. The Carnage that showed up on Tuesday one shotting all bosses throughout SSC was seemingly non-existent today. Error after error was committed. Most of them were minor, but they all contributed to the various wipes in some fashion. It took two trash clears, but it was worth it. It’s like that last bit of adrenaline that kicks in. Wipes will always happen. It’s best to maintain a positive attitude as much as possible regardless. If you’re feeling negative or snappy, stifle it. Sometimes if you get called out, it’s best to bite your tongue and say “Yup, won’t happen again.” as opposed to arguing. It’s important to maintain that professional demeanor otherwise you’re going to waste a lot of time. Every person in a raid is important as the next. If somethings not working right, isolate it, then see what you can do to fix it. There was a healing issue where a tank would die on the upper platforms. A different healer was assigned and the problem was fixed. Warlocks were pulling aggro at the beginning of phase 2. They switched the timing of their shatters. Problem solved. Don’t forget that there’s always going to be criticism doled out. Not every Guild is perfect and it takes real courage to admit that as a player you made a mistake. Even then, this applies to life. I think everybody owes it to themselves to be the best they can be. Sometimes you need to listen to some constructive criticism to help you attain that goal. But no matter what you do, always keep your chin up and keep trying.

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.”

Anyone recognize that quote? I believe it was said by Winston Churchill during World War II.

With SSC now 5/6 and TK now 3/4, let’s see what Colbert has to say…

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  1. Sounds like last night was a rough one all around. Yours is the second article I’ve seen this morning where a raid group seemed out of sync.

    We took a five man to Old Hillsbrad last night and it seemed like every single fight was messed up, with yours truly contributing way more than his fair share. Despite that, we did manage to achieve our objective, and 3 more of us are ready for the next phase.

  2. Doc Holiday says:

    Now on to the true test of any guild.

    Vashj and Kael will tell you who is bad in your guild right away.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. Congratulations, Matt.

  4. Kestrel, must be a case of the Thursdays or something.

  5. Doc Holiday says:

    We are Canadian we had our thanksgiving a month ago

  6. Indeed we are! But thanks Leiandra!


  1. […] and crack jokes, but when we get down to business we do whatever it takes to get the job done. The clutch Al’ar kill is a testament to that (5 hours of sunday wiping, one more respawn kill, followed by an Al’ar first down). […]

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