Teen Lit on Fire By Self Acclaimed Fire Mage

After losing a fight in school, a 17 year old boy in Beijing covered his classmate with gasoline and lit him on fire. According to Beijing News the teen claimed that he “had lost himself in World of Warcraft” and “transformed into a Fire Mage.”


I don’t understand. I just don’t understand.

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  1. Is that a new mage spell? Is it kind of like ignite + pyromaniac?

    Hammer of Justice!
    105 days of suspension though? Principal must have been a Guild Wars player or something.

  2. Wow… I really have no words for that.

  3. Masato, that’s going to be the new 61 point talent tree for fire spec. Need to lob copious amounts of gasoline and then ignite.

    105 days’ isn’t so bad, is it? Unless that means school days.

    Pike, it’s okay. Neither did I =).

  4. I think he meant Fire Warlock.

  5. Some people’s action just astound me. That was one of them.

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