Resources for the New Guild Leader

I just wanted to highlight some links for any up and coming Guildmasters who aren’t sure where to start looking for the various services they will need to set up and organize their guild..

Guild Webhosting

Enjin (Affiliate link) – Free. Contains forums, item mouseovers, roster, news management, calendar, progression indicator, multiple themes available (Demos, upgradable)
– Free. Contains forums, item mouseovers, roster, news management, Ad-Supported (Demo, upgradable)
Shivtr – Forums, character profiles, image gallery, events calendar, guild bank interface, polls (Free trial, $8.99 /month)
Guild Launch – Free, Forums, calendar, guild progression, RapidRaid loot management system, guild bank interface, armory interface, 10 MB file storage, Ad-Supported (demo, upgradable)
WoW Guilds – DKP system, bank management, raid progression module, WoW MP3 player, event management, over 70 templates to choose from, guild stats, armory interface (Demo – $9.88 /month)
Guild Universe – Forums, calendar, event management, guild application, roster, news management, polls (Demo, upgradable)
Guild Portal – Forums, polls, mail, content management system, raid calendar, bank management, roster management,  (Demo, equals to $5.00 /month)


Dreamhost (Affiliate link): Dreamhost powers World of Matticus (500 GB Disk storage, 5 TB monthly bandwidth, $5.95 /month depending on prepayment).


Yuku – Free, hundreds of skins, customizable polls, member management (premium available)
Free Forums – Free, daily backups, over 100 styles, member management, data recovery (premium available)


DKP 4 Guilds – Inhouse DKP management, raid attendance logs, raid bank, item mouseovers.
EPGP Web – Web interface for EPGP users.

Voice Servers

Nationvoice (Affiliate link): My personal vent provider of choice. I’ve been with them for over 5 years since my early days in Counter-strike (50 users for $14.99).
Typefrag – An alternative to Nationvoice. A number of Guilds I know use them (50 users for $9.99 and they have a special where if you order for a year, you get 50% off).
MMO Mumble – Mumble hosting service. $5.63 for 25 slots.
Raidcall – Free, no dedicated servers needed.


Warcraft Realms – Online WoW census. Tracks a player’s guild history.
WoW Jutsu – Ranks guilds based on their progression. Filterable by battlegroup, server, and faction.
WoW Progress – Ranks guilds based on their progression. Filterable by battlegroup, server, and faction.
World of Logs – Think of it as a really indepth damage meter. Takes your combat log and outputs it into something meaningful.
WoWpedia – The encyclopedia of WoW. Useful for learning about raid instances and the trash therein as well as boss strategy.
Boss Killers – Various strategies for killing bosses.
Ask Mr Robot – Online tool for figure out what gear to get next on your character. Optimizes reforging and augments. Customizable stat weights.
Icy Veins – Class information and raid strategy


Elitist Jerks – One of the largest theorycrafting communities. $25 per thread.
Tankspot – Available to Tankspot donors only.
WoW Lemmings – WoW forums aggregator. Sorts the latest posts on the Guild Recruiting forums on the official WoW site by faction and class.

New Poll: What’s Your Main?

The old poll is closed. Ventrilo, by far, is the most dominant 3rd party voice client in use today.

With that being said, there is now a new poll up! I’m a little curious as to what class you consider your ‘main’ character.

Which class do you consider your main?

  • Priest (28%, 92 Votes)
  • Druid (15%, 48 Votes)
  • Hunter (10%, 33 Votes)
  • Paladin (9%, 30 Votes)
  • Shaman (8%, 25 Votes)
  • Warrior (8%, 25 Votes)
  • Warlock (7%, 24 Votes)
  • Mage (7%, 23 Votes)
  • Rogue (7%, 23 Votes)

Total Voters: 323

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Several days ago, Exanimo (or the Full time WoW Addict) posed a question: What makes your main “your main”? No doubt there are now several of you with more than one level 70. I myself have 3! Even though nowadays I devote more time to playing my Shaman and my Paladin, I still consider my Priest my main character.


Here’s what I think.

I consider your main character as the toon that you use to help your Guild progress through whatever it is that they do. Your Guild could be a PvP Guild or a PvE one. But the character you choose to play with when they’re going through content is what I think is the main. Of course, you could always base your main on time played (/played). But then you just might ditch a character that you have invested a lot of time into for an alt which is better suited for the Guild that you’re in.

For example, one of the Priests in my Guild converted to a Resto Shaman because we had 4 Priests at the time. We had no Resto Shamans. It only made sense that he switch to Resto to take advantage of gear drops and further help progress the Guild gearwise instead of having our Priests dogfight over gear.

What if you’re not in a Guild? The answer’s still the same. It’s the toon that you want to progress the most with.

In any case, the reason I ask is for a little demographic reasons. I’m interested in knowing what kind of classes read my blog. Maybe I can tailor some of my content accordingly. *shrug*

Minimum Zul’Aman requirements will be coming up later on tonight or tomorrow morning. Definitely will be a work in progress and it’s based off of my observations.


Phaelia mentioned that some players might have a PvE main and a PvP main. She suggests going with the one that’s your primary focus. I couldn’t have said it any better myself.