Reader Survey – How Can we Improve Our Blog?


Most of the time, when I ask for feedback, I usually have a chat with my fellow blog contributors on the staff. Occasionally, I’ll get some thoughts and opinions via the contact form.

But here’s where I made the fatal mistake. There’s one important person that I failed to consult.


You’re the readers. You’re the ones that subscribe. You’re the ones that re-tweet posts. You’re the ones that come back here everyday. So in an effort to continue making this blog useful and valuable, I’m opening up the post for your ideas on how we can improve.

Some questions to think about

  • What topics would you like to read more about? (Class discussion, strategy, guild management, raid management)
  • More posts or less? We’re publishing at a nice post-a-day rate.
  • Would you be interested in seeing healing videos from our perspective and how we handle certain fights?
  • What type of posts do you like? More questions answered from the mail? Case studies?
  • What frustrates you about the blog?
  • What keeps you reading World of Matticus?

Some ground rules

Don’t expect a direct response. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to touch base with everything that comes this way. However, I can guarantee that what you write will be read. Please be truthful, civil, and constructive.

With your support, it’s my hope that WoM continues to be a leading blog for healers and leaders to turn to.

Feel free to comment on the post publically or use the contact form privately.