BREAKING: Onyxia Missing from Stormwind

BREAKING: Onyxia Missing from Stormwind

We interrupt this ongoing SYTYCB series to report that Onyxia is no longer in the Stormwind capital city.

As you can tell by the images below, the throne room, currently the seat of power for Stormwind’s Royal Elite, has been upgraded.

Lady Katrana Prestor is no longer present. It is believed the ASS (Alliance Secret Services) are out in pursuit of this criminal. She has been executed before many times in the past and had her head hung on one of the overhead beams leading into Stormwind providing its citizens with increased strength and firepower.

Her snarky attitude and pompousness will no longer torment players. Instead, she has been replaced by an Argent official known simply as “Argent Healer”. One could only assume that she is there to look after Highlord Bolvar as his arm is currently entrenched into the side of the Stormwind throne.

The question remains. Where in the world is Katrana Prestor? If you have any tips on where she might be found, you’re encouraged to alert the authorities by leaving comments on this here blog post.

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