Finish this Sentence

I have one more exam remaining before I am free from the clutches of academia (for two weeks). My posts have been getting sparser and a little irregular and I apologize. The past few weeks have been fairly rough. Carnage lost a Druid, a Mage, and a Shaman to real life. I’m waiting for the word from the boss to see if I should go out headhunting for any of those three classes. Both the Druid and Shamans were resto. If there are any disgruntled resto druids, resto shamans, or mages who want to progress in the game and see the world before wrath hits, we do have openings. Feel free to drop me a line.

Now that my plug has finished, here’s a "finish the sentence" question I want to post to everyone.

Raiding is like…

For me, raiding is like writing a test. There’s an unbelievable amount of pressure to do well in front of your peers.