*Over* Matticus on the WoW Insider Show

I should’ve wrote this sooner. I fail. This is a cool edition of the show as it’s one of the rare ones that’s going to boast an all healer crew of myself, Mike Schramm (Resto Shaman), Elizabeth Harper (Holy Paladin), and Phaelia (Resto Druid). I’ll post the link up to the show later on. It’ll be around noon-ish (or 1230) PST. Expect a bunch of healer talk, some raid talk, and me loudly proclaiming the superiority of the Priest class (or at least, try to ^^).

It’ll be live on uStream. Here’s the link to the channel.

(worldofmatticus is my name)

PS, Phae my last name has no e :(.

In case that above embed doesn’t work, use the direct link to the channel.

2:00 PM: Shows over! Thanks for listening!

Twisted Nether: Wynnicus Podcast Now Available

Twisted Nether: Wynnicus Podcast Now Available


Clocking in at under 90 minutes, the Bre, Fim, Wyn, and Matt show is now available for download from the TNB website. If you were unable to catch the whole show (consider yourself lucky ^^), you can grab the edited and pared down version.


  • Beta talk (lots of it)
  • Blogosphere highlights
  • Wyn
  • An saga tale

Don’t miss the epic saga

A tale of two Priests. . .

A broken promise. . .

A friendship tested. . .

More drama than the loss of a Hunter bow to a Rogue. . .

A betrayal that no one would have believed possible. . .

This is the must listen Podcast of the year. If you download only one podcast this season, make it The Twisted Nether Blogcast: Episode 16.

Note: I ran out of movie cliches. Anyone got any?

Matt & Wyn Live

We’re about to go live soon on UStream soon. It would be cool if you made a user name, but it’s not required. It just means we address you as “Uberustreamgamer-87277875143742135248624”. Or something.

How to get in

Link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/twisted-nether-blogcast

Password: tnb73

Then you might have to enter it again.

Join myself, Wyn, Fim and Bre!

Podcast over! Thanks to everyone who joined!

TNB Podcast: Beta Mic Night with Matt and Wyn!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of ages…!
This Friday night, your bloggers Matticus and Wynthea will be co-hosting a podcast alongside legendary personalities Fimlys (Asleep at the WoW) and Breana (Gun Loving Dwarf Chick).


Friday, September 5th
930 PM PST


Check back later (on the day of) for live show details. If you can’t make it, the podcast will be available for download in the next week.


There will be a lot of discussion about the beta and we’ll also be discussing your favourite topics around the Internether(tm). However, that doesn’t mean we’re not open to any questions that you might have. Feel free to post comments here or on the TNB post linked above and we’ll try our best to address your questions and concerns. Remember that Wyn and I are both beta participants. She can field the Horde related questions and I’ll tackle the Alliance ones as best as Dwarvenly possible.

Random Promo Speak by the Voice Over Guy

In a world where tanks and DPS reign supreme…

Where heroic healers are almost non existent…

One Dwarf and One Troll will combine their powers…

Forming the most unlikeliest pairing since Jimmy MacElroy and Chazz Michael Michaels

Immerse yourself in the World of Matticus where the impossible becomes possible, where epic mounts are free, and every pun, cliche, and annoying saying will be used and abused.

Don’t miss this once a year opportunity! Two healer egos will enter. Only one can emerge unscathed. Can even the shields of the Twisted Nether handle the Healpower of this magnitude? Stay tuned and find out!

Coming this Friday to a podcast near you!

The Voice Behind the Pen: Matt’s Podcasts Available for Download

If for whatever reason you’re interested in hearing what sick Canadians sound like, be sure to check out the following two podcasts which I’ve participated in over the weekend:

I felt more relaxed on TN then the WI show, to be honest heh. When I first started blogging, I never expected of doing any kind of podcasting all with other people and players and I had a lot of fun doing it! Maybe I’ll do it again at some point in the future!

I completely missed the shoutouts on both podcasts. Ugh. I feel so terrible. If you listen carefully enough to the WI show early on, you might catch the sounds of GMail in the background. You can blame Wyn for embarrassing me live on the air =).

One more thing, on Twisted Nether I said something about there being snow at the end of May. I might’ve forgot to mention that my University is on top of a mountain and my sarcasm/jokingness may not have transmitted properly.

It’s my first foray into podcasting. With that in mind, I’d love to get some feedback and some grades on my performance. How did I do?

Weekly Digest: Kael Still a Douche, Hunters Saddened, and Mattcast Going Through

What’s Happening in WoW

By the time this post goes out, I will have finished getting the necessary Sporregar rep to transmute Primal Earth to Water on my Paladin. No more spending gold to buy Primals to transmute Skyfire or Earthstorm diamonds!

Kael is still giving us a hard time. I’ve localized the problem down to the transition from Phase 3 to Phase 4 which has been the largest headache. All of us know our jobs and what to do. But there’s a lot of stupid mistakes going around that by themselves are minor. When combined together though, the raid caves.

Thankfully, our GM has publicly called out some of these players to step up their game. Hopefully it will have a desired effect on Sunday.

What’s Happening with the Blog

I’m still hard at work changing up my blogroll. I mentioned it before, but the blogroll will have it’s own page. My intention is to set it in such a way where when it is loaded, there is a different blog spotlighted every time.

Technical problems, but nothing my gnomish engineers can’t fix!

The hard part about blogging is finding interesting topics. It becomes much more difficult when the blogger intends to do a podcast. I am virtually committed to doing a podcast and I have some great ideas to explore. I might even go a step further and turn it into a video cast. We’ll see. I’ve always had a passion for public speaking and giving presentations. I don’t want to reveal too much for now. I don’t like to make empty promises. It’s a fairly monumental project in it’s own right and I don’t even have the technical knowhow on how to pull it off.

Haven’t quite picked a name for it, so I’m going to tentatively refer to it as the Mattcast since saying World of Matticus Offical Podcast repeatedly would get old after a while.

Lots of learning and lots of reading to do in addition to my school work, that’s for sure.

Latest Blog Posts

Trends in the WoWosphere

There’s been a large outcry over Blizzard’s reversal in their stance of the ghost wolf pet (formerly a bug). Others don’t see the big deal.

I don’t have a hunter myself, so I cannot even begin to imagine what it must have been like to lose the ability to tame it. Blizzard’s decision ultimately cost them the subscription of a player-blogger.

Personally, I think it was a combination of things that made him quit.

Past Hits

Past articles that I’ve written that still hold true to this day.

Blog Spotlight

Light’s Grace – It’s a brand spankin’ new WoW Blog! He’s She’s a Blood Elf Paladin (oh great, not another one). Kulrayk, the blogger, followed me on Twitter for some time and we’ve chatted for a little bit. Now he’s she’s decided to create his own blog! Go show him her some support! It’s tough to get a blog going from the start because you often question yourself and wonder if you have the motivation and dedication. All it takes is some readers.

House Cleaning, Podcast Possibilities, Ret. Paladin Help

Nothing much today. The idea well is running a little dry. Wanted to do a bit of housekeeping and maintenence here.


Besides, I need to work on finishing up this blogroll. I feel guiltier and guiltier with each passing day looking at my inbound links compared to my outbound links. I plan on reorganizing my entire blogroll into an epic sized blog roll. I will finish this thing by Friday after combing through Google Reader and adding and removing links.


This has absolutely nothing to do with World of Warcraft.

If you’re into Starcraft custom campaigns and the like, head on over to Campaign Creations. I helped keynote a 20 minute discussion with their admin (Lavarinth) and one of their leading project designers (Iskatumesk). Topics revolved around their custom Starcraft campaign competition (with prizes), upcoming features, and other stuff!

So if you’re into Starcraft, give it a listen since I’m the one hosting it.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a podcast for a long time. The only thing holding me back is mostly technical. It’s the audio conversion and the effects and the like. I might even go as far as creating a monthly or maybe even weekly video explaining boss encounters from a healing perspective such as how to assign your healers, how to handle certain parts of the event and so forth. There’s only so much detail that staring at text can do. Even watching first person videos can’t give you the overall picture because it’s from one person.

What else could I do? I’d love to audio interview certain players or bloggers and find out what makes them tick!

Again, nothing concrete but definitely an idea I’m mulling over.

In the mean time, check out the cast. I need to get better at speaking. But we are our own greatest critic, right?

Expanding the Frontpage Tabs

Right now, the main page tabs have only 2 choices: Priest related and stuff for Raid Officers. I’m going to expand that sometime soon with my personal favourites and most popular. CSS styling is quite annoying, however.


So Valoray (my Retribution Paladin) now has Thunder. What enchants would you recommend? This whole DPS thing is a little strange to me. I’m not used to seeing 4 digit crits.

It’s strangely satisfying!