SK Gaming and Nihilium: The Greatest Conspiracy Plot to Ever Unfold

Many gamers (not just WoW players) are aware of two of the most dominant names in professional E-Sports today: SK-Gaming and Nihilum. Let me say that I’ve known about SK for many years when they were the top Counterstrike teams in the world. Likewise, I also know about Nihilum’s illustrious history along with mousesports. As such, I have nothing but the highest respect any gamer can have like a son to a father.

Although after reading the following post, my faith has wavered slightly.

An interview is conducted on World of Ming with a former professional Warcraft 3 player named Bey (not going to try to use the funky B in case it screws up a few things). His earnings are reported to be over 35000$ after playing more than 700 games in over a year.

In any case, the first part of the interview is mostly background information. Bey, the player in question, is establishing the fact top tier players establish and cultivate relationships not unlike how top tier raiding guilds on servers have their own alliances and relationships.

It gets a lot more interesting towards the second half of the interview when Bey begins talking about SK Gaming’s and Nihilum’s practices.

He states that Schroet Kommando is an extreme right organization. Here’s a few select quotes:

?ey: My sources told me that after the recruitment, they start to slowly modify the person’s way of thinking with all sort of tricks and manipulative discussions evolved around the gaming training sessions. There are also some weird occult rituals and gatherings with occult implications, but that’s where my sources stopped sharing with me, so I couldn’t find out more about it.

I suppose that this did not include normal team building exercises like mountain climbing or playing street hockey together. Since it’s in Europe, they might bond better playing soccer.

Let’s hit the nail harder on the head, shall we?

?ey: The information I have is 100% secure and bulletproof, beyond any level of doubt. So, basically what we know about SK is that their leaders are Nazi extremists, and that they don’t want us to know this, and that their logo had is based on a modified version of the swastika.

Oh, so that’s what extreme right means. I get it now. Hold on a sec, it turns out SK’s not alone anymore.

?ey: Mousesports is another German gaming organisation that shares the NAZI viewpoints of SK. Somehow even more, considering that their crown jewel is Nihilum, a guild that is made only from German, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian people, and especially because of NAZI aryan beliefs. I personally know lots of insanely good players that’s knocked at Nihilum’s door and were turned down because of racial reasons, even if they were perfectly geared and capable of filling the spot required. This was not made public of course, but that was the true reason behind it.

At least it’s nice to know that if I had applied to Nihilum I would not have been turned down because I sucked. On a more serious note, these are some really serious allegations. Bey’s just accused two of the top gaming organizations in the world that they are Nazis.

How would they have enforced their e-dominance?

?ey: The plan was simple and extremely effective, and was needed because both SK and MS wanted to control what was happening in other Bgs – they were scared to death that an outsider EU team may sweep them at Blizzcon or other tourneys (which ended up actually happening)…

…These things were backed up with whispers like “words are that SK and MS pay weekly big money to anybody that is on the 1st page of the Cyclone BG in 2v2 and 3v3.” As well as stuff like “I heard that that team was 16th last week and got paid 200 Euros to each member”.

To bottom line it:

?ey: The truth is that SK and MS payed all the first 20 teams (the ones that were on Cyclone BEFORE the hype), to queue dodge the new powerful wave of teams and to share information to all teams about the new players and their comps.

All I can say is just wow. I’m utterly amazed. I don’t even know if something like this can be made up. I don’t but it, however. There’s no empirical evidence for such an accusation and it’s still really hard to prove. How do you prove something like this anyway? You almost can’t! It’s hard!

Remember, here’s the link to the full text interview for you to read in full.

This just about rivals the DnT drama story several months ago. Anyway, I wanted to share that little story for you. What a way to open up the week, eh?

So what are your thoughts?

Load of crap or a potential eyebrow raiser and jaw dropper?

Conspiracy drama stories are simply the best!