An Explanation is in Order for the New Look

In short, my blog broke. Something bad happened with the numerous scripts that has occurred. As such, this has forced my hand. I’ve been meaning to work on a new layout for some time over the winter break before New Years. Now technical difficulties have ramped up the schedule a lot. School just started for me so I’ll need to work swiftly. I had narrowed down my theme choices to a few and this was one of them. Customization tends to take a bit of time. This will be no different.

So if you’re reading this in a feedreader or via email, please keep it up.

What this means to you

Absolutely nothing. What this means is that some functionality is reduced. No Twitterfeed, no recommended readings, no recent posts, etc.

I’m so embarrassed. Bear with me. Thank goodness for four day weekends.