Everfrost Chip Locations and Coordinates

Everfrost Chip Locations and Coordinates

Players working their way through Storm Peaks will eventually come across the Sons of Hodir faction. Quickly they’ll realize that the rep grind is a big pain in the derriere. For those of us that aren’t into Inscription, we need them because they offer us shoulder enchants.

And we’re all players that want to be the best at what we do so we go out there and farm our butts off.

Along the way, you might hear of these objects known as Everfrost. Every turn in nets you 350 rep.

Here’s a few locations with coordinates and visual references. I’ll continue to add more as I see them. If you happen to see one not on the last, please screenshot and email it to me! Use the contact form to get in touch with me first.

Further more, you may wish to check out this awesome WoWHead map with Everfrost Chip locations pinned on it.

Updates 2

3 more locations (courtesy of Karthis again!)


Coordinates: 53.1, 64.6

Notes: Above ground level. Fly up.


Coordinates: 59.9, 63.9

Notes: Also above ground level (really high, if you compare it with ground level).


Coordinates: 72.2, 47.9

Notes: Out to the east by them Forefathers.


Added 2 more locations (Thanks Karthis)

Everfrost chip location

Coordinates: 58.2, 64.6

Notes: Fly up. It’s not at ground level.


Coordinates: 73.1, 65.4

Notes: As you approach this Everfrost from the east, you might see this chip disappear from your eyes. Don’t worry, it didn’t actually go away. What happened is that you entered a phased part of the map which the chip isn’t a part of. What you have to do here is approach the chip from the southwest (like pictured above). This will let you see it and loot it. If you approach from the north, you won’t be able to see it at all.

Everfrost chip location

Coordinates: 75.2, 48.4

Notes: You can find this at the back of the area where you kill the Forefathers. It’s right on the ledge. Most players tend to miss this one.

Everfrost chip location

Coordinates: 69.3, 53.4

Notes: Just west of the area where you fight the Forefathers.


Coordinates: 65.4, 61.0

Notes: Karthis sent in this one. You can find this chip right under the noses of the Sons of Hodir.


Coordinates: 52.3, 67.9

Notes: Right as you fly over the village of the Norse women, look south on a cliff. A lot of players miss this one.

I’ll continue to update this post as I get more locations. If you see any that aren’t on the list, get in touch!

For more information on reputation with other factions, you may wish to look at Wyn’s reputation guide.