Guild Link Love

Wanted to highlight a few of the blogs that my fellow guildmates have started.

  • Bladed Requiem: This blog belongs to one of our close quarters combat specialists. Deidrich (I coined the name "Dirty D" just for him) is a Rogue who started blogging a few weeks ago. Dirty D has been an incredible asset to the Guild and I hope he continues this way.
  • Light’s Grace: An Enhancement Shaman that has converted from the Light, she signed a deal with Carnage to provide Windfury Totems and Brain Heals as needed. She was once known as Kulrayk but is now known as Aylii. This promising recruit will work her way up to the top line in no time.

More Upgrades and a Plea for Recruits

Killed Kael again and picked up Lord Sanguinar’s Claim. I think it’s arguably the best healing neck right now in the game until 2 dot 4 hits. Right now, I’m in the midst of compiling a checklist of the best possible Priest gear I can acquire before the next patch arrives. Hopefully that’ll be up sometime over the weekend.

Also acquired Breeches of the Avatar last Sunday thereby completing my 4 piece set.

We Need Help

I mentioned earlier yesterday about the right way that players should leave Guilds. We’ve lost two players earlier in the week and I’ve been asked to help find some quality players to help fill that void.

The Short Stuff

Guild: Carnage
Server: Ner’Zuhl PvP (PST Server)
Faction: Alliance
Raid Times: Tu/Th 530 PM – 900 PM PST, Sun 330 PM – 900 PM PST (25 man raid times only. 10 man raid times may vary.)
Progression: 3/5 MH
Apply: On the Carnage website forums, or make a character on Ner’Zuhl and send tells to Blori, Maeve, or Mallet (that’s me!)

Attunements to MH and BT are preferred but not required. if you required gear from Karazhan, we’re not the Guild you’re looking for.

If you are not keyed, we will try to accommodate and key you!

Classes wanted



We have immediate openings for either a Restoration Shaman, Restoration Druid or a Holy Priest. This is a guaranteed full time starting position. We’re currently running our raids with 6 healers. We killed Rage Winterchill and Anethron on Monday shorthanded with 23 players. While the Carnage healing corps might be able to sustain it for a while, the stress and pressure will cause us to eventually buckle. We need a 7th healer to help fill that void. Unfortunately, we’re full on Paladins.


We have immediate openings for an Enhancement Shaman. Our melee team consists of the most badass warriors and rogues in existence. Our main tank is able to dish out enough threat to convince Roger Clemens to admit to steroid use. Depending on your performance, this could potentially be a full time starting position.

The Long Stuff

About us

Carnage is one of the oldest Guilds on the oldest server in existence. It’s had a long and illustrious raiding history in which the Guild has been known to progress at a steady pace. The only thing casual about our guild is the raid times. Should you apply, you will find yourself in one of the most fun and professional raiding atmospheres. Every criticism will be backed up with solutions and suggestions. You will not be raiding with idiots who don’t know what they’re doing or players who take 30 minute AFK breaks holding up the raid or players who like to hit the damage meters. You will be playing with mature, intelligent, and supportive raiders. We will not nitpick your performance but if we there is a way to improve it, you will know. We will give you a job and if you can do it, great! If you can’t, we’ll try to help you until you do. We want to beat this game and we’d like your help doing it. Ever since the new year started, we’ve been progressing at 0.5 a boss a week. Archimonde is projected to go down by early April with Illidan weeks later.

We get the job done… eventually.

Carnage is LFM SSC and TK

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been asked to help recruit people into Carnage. The past few days have been very rough for us which got to a point where we had to cancel a raid due to key personnel having to cancel at the last minute. We’ve seen a lack of attendance on our sunday raids in the past few weeks.

During my time in Aurora, I was tasked as a headhunter to help look for players to supplement our Guild. Now I’ve been asked to do same thing. I will have to apply my awesome Fantasy Hockey Pool skills to WoW and somehow find some pieces that will help build us into a playoff contender consistent raiding guild.

My current standings in my hockey pools

Here’s what we’re looking for in terms of raiding:

1 Rogue
1 Elemental Shaman
1 Enhancement Shaman
1 Warlock
1 Holy Paladin
1 Resto Druid

Please, no comments on what we “should” get or what we “shouldn’t” get. We like to keep our options open.

Ideal candidates will have:

* A “can do” attitude
* A willingness to wipe to learn new content
* Ventrilo 3.0 (and the willingness to speak up)
* Deadly Boss Mods (latest version)
* CTRA or ORA2 (for raid querying only, you can use whatever raid interface you like)
* Omen Threat Meter
* Minimum Karazhan gear (that is, you don’t need any loot from there)

About Carnage:

Carnage is a high end-game raiding and PvP guild on Ner’zhul. Founded more than two years ago, we are an established guild with very stable membership. Before the expansion, we cleared MC, BWL, and had made significant progress in AQ40 and Naxx. Karazhan is phased out of our raiding schedule, although we still do an alt/main run for fun and some gear. We have all bosses of SSC and 3/4 TK on farm and are working to progress into Hyial and BT. Several of our members also PvP in arena, AB, WSG, and AV on a regular basis.

We utilize a 2 round zero-sum bidding system.

Raiding Schedule (All times in PST):

Tuesdays, Thursday: 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Sundays: 3:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Note: We’re very sharp about our raid times. We have several members in the guild that play from the east coast, therefore we do enforce the 9:00 PM end time. Those raid times posted are for 25 mans. There are some optional 10 mans that may happen on the fly.

Example of a bad application for a WoW Guild


If you think you can contribute to what we’re looking for, head on over to the Carnage forum and put it an application. Make sure you read the Announcement thread on top in the Applications forum and follow the instructions.