High Warlord Naj’entus and Azgalor Taken Down

Gloves of the Forgotten Vanquisher x 2
Don Rodrigo’s Poncho

First T6 gloves go to Deidrich (Rogue) and the next pair went to Sassette (Mage). The Poncho went to our only resto druid in the raid, kilmster! Yay! Azgalor was taken down within the first 30 minutes of the raid tonight without any wipes.

Ring of Captured Storms
Fists of Mukoa

Hankwilliams with the gloves and Ravenx with the bling ring. This boss marked the first time since March of last year that I decided to change my healing spec for a boss encounter. I switched it up from my Imp. DS build to a CoH build. I think the extra instant heals helped a lot. Each application of CoH hits for about 1000+. It was a messy take down, however. I figure about 10 people got floored throughout the entire fight.

Someone had the stupid spear and the only 2 players close by was an elemental shaman and a holy paladin. Both were asked to get the spear. But there’s no way the Paladin can do it if he’s on the main tank.

I might have to do a blog post in the future about situational awareness.

Oh and yes, we are recruiting another holy priest or some other kind of healer. Why did you ask?