Awesome WoW Moments: #1 Surviving When You Had No Business Surviving

Last week, the crew and I were working on some Icecrown hard modes. Specifically, we spent a few hours wiping to Sindragosa on 10 man. On one of the pull ins, my mouse stopped responding for a moment and I lost my bearings. I knew there was no way I could run out in time. So I held my breath, cast Pain Suppression on myself and watched as I survived with several thousand health points left in the tank.

I don’t advise anyone doing that.

But managing to survive through certain death is, without a doubt, one of the best highs you can experience in the game.

Other such moments include:

  • Receiving a Power Word: Shield with double digit health left
  • Guardian Spirit activating
  • The angry Faction Champion after you getting death gripped away when one more swing would’ve killed you


Yeah. I bought the book as a birthday gift for a friend. Made me think about WoW moments. I felt inspired.