Systemic Looting of Your 25 Naxx Pug

Pickup raids. We can’t live with ‘em and we can’t live without ‘em. For the players that don’t have the scheduling ability to raid with a guild, they have no choice but to raid with 24 other players ranging from the chivalrous to the downright nasty.

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a Naxx 25 pug on my alt Shaman which went somewhat smoothly for the most part. Patchwerk and Four Horsemen absolutely stoned the raid and we had to call it later.

Loot System

Here’s how loot was handled and I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

1 Tier roll for entire night
1 Need/1 Greed for Spider and Plague Wing combined
1 Need/1 Greed for Military and Abomination Wing combined

I felt that it was simple and that it worked. With the amount of loot that drops in Naxx, this was simple, fast, and effective. Players were limited to only one tier piece, period. But having four other roles helped prevent sharding of gear and helped spread the loot around more than if it was just 1 need, 1 greed.

My Elemental Shaman clocked in at ~1900 DPS on Patchwerk. I got some more work to do, it seems.

Handling loot in pugs is a lot more different then handling loot in guilds.

Have you participated in any Heroic raids lately? How has loot been handled?

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  1. You will probably laugh but I did do a PUG of Molten Core once with almost the exact same loot system. Actually it went pretty well

    Hudsons last blog post..Well we did it, the new guild is alive and kickin’

  2. 1900 DPS on an Ele shaman is like 4k DPS on a BM hunter.

  3. 4K DPS is bad I do 4K DPS on Patchwerk

  4. Ele Shamans are getting a 20% boost to damage according to a blue post. So it’s not too bad. Plus I’ve seen way too many DPS classes under 2k, so your ahead of the curve. And to the 880DPS rogue in my Naxx pug, to you I say – BOOOOO.

    I’ve run 25 WG and Naxx pugs, basically it was Need for Main spec, Greed for Off spec. You tend to run into the “Its DPS spell gear. No, its Healing gear” every once in awhile, but it seems to go fairly smooth. One Naxx pug I did, every single tier token that dropped was Vanquisher.

    I’ve also been encountering a huge amount of ninja’ing. I don’t know if its because people really need the upgrades or what, but I’ve been on a few runs where the group leader will switch from group loot to master loot towards the end of a boss fight. I had it happen to me in a H Nex run before I got my mace, and that was the run when it dropped. He gave me the mace and distributed the other loot according to rolls. His reason for switching to master loot was because he felt like the DK in the group wasn’t performing well and we were carrying him and he didnt deserve any loot. Maybe Blizzard needs to implement a system where the group votes on the looting system at the beginning of the instance and it stays like that until its reset.

  5. Just in case you check back on old comments or something…

    Did they only get to need roll once for those wings, or did they get to keep rolling need until they won 1 piece of needed gear?

  6. At the time, I believe the system was one successful roll per wing. So if you won something from the Spider or Plague quarter, you could not use the need roll while the raids were still in those wings.


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