Summer Fun!

Usually, I’d crank out a full-fledged post to tell you what to do, but I’m too busy having fun! So here’s the official press-release from Blizzard.

They’ve added a lot of fun stuff… so what are you waiting for?? Grab some matches, and GO PLAY!!

Update: There is neat stuff dropping off the new boss in Slave Pens – most notably, a very interesting new enchant: Deathfrost. That and the icy-theme of the gear drops seems to be a preview of things coming in WotLK.

Also, some people collect non-combat pets; I collect holliday outfits. I’m pretty pleased with myself this time around.

I decided not to go for the shoulders – I just don’t like how they look.


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  1. Thomas Jespersen says:

    Apparently “Deathfrost” seems to proc off raid-bosses. Would be interesting if someone could do some theorycrafting whether it would be worth it to have some persons in a raid with that enchant. That offcourse depends on proc-rate as well.

  2. IcE_IcE_N00b says:

    Deathfrost obviously has it’s usefulness in PvP, but the best thing about the festival is the random ribbon pole that you use to make yourself spin. EPIC. Wynthea looks hot, but it could just be the fire.

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