Step by step: Dishing out Pain as a Priest

Last week I plugged in my weekly digest. Yesterday, she published an excellent flowchart detailing actions for both shadow priests and holy priests concerned with dealing damage.

Players who play with me know I’m utterly hopeless in dealing damage in any kind of environment PvP or PvE. I just might actually have a prayer of a chance in levelling once WotLK is released.

“Playing as a shadow priest in a raid or group environment largely depends on keeping your damage over time (DoT) spells up on mobs while minding the cooldowns of some of your direct damage spells. This is called spell juggling.”

If you’re a shadow priest who wants to perfect your game a little bit or a holy priest who wants to at least deliver a bloody nose to that player that’s ganking you, give this lengthy piece a read. It goes to show that you learn something new everyday.

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  1. She’s also got a lot more articles on many Priestly topics… great stuff there!

  2. nuetralise says:

    Big ups to dwarfpriest, lots of good info there.

    DPSing as holy obviously leaves a lot to be desired, and it’s tough to know the truth in it as holy dps priest are like finding a needle in a stack full of paperclips.

    I moderately question the problem with using holy fire, especially in the presence of a retadin, but like I said who knows, I’ll trust DP since i don’t question it enough to argue with something that’s presented so nicely 🙂 I’ll accept it as truth for the moment and try it out for myself.

    RETADIN & DPS Holy priest inc for kara runz


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