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It has been a long time since my last decent sized post. I’ve never been a fan of blog posts where bloggers try to justify their absences. The pattern I see that ends up happening is that a blogger disappears for a time, comes back and apologizes, goes hard for a few posts, then disappears again before coming back and apologizing while promising never to leave again and then disappearing for good. But I am still here.

For the past month I was busy saving the galaxy, the citadel council and getting into a relationship with a really cute sounding Quarian.

So there. That’s where I’ve been. But I’m all done now. I’m done saving the galaxy. Given the choice between destroying Undead monarchies and surgically striking aliens, I much prefer the former.

The guild

How’s Conquest doing? It’s doing okay for the most part. It’s not quite excellent and it’s not at the level of super crappy yet either. I am not a happy Dwarf. Attendance has been gradually declining and we’ve been able to scramble replacements and other socials to cover the empty spots. But tonight was the first night where the raid was immediately called due to a lack of players.

I had 2 spots open and it was already 10 minutes past first pull time.

That doesn’t make me happy at all.

If you’re looking for a raiding guild to join, do check mine out and get in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns. I should say that I make no promises nor guarantees on raid spots. Ideally, I’m looking for people that play a lot and can keep themselves occupied or entertained.

For example, I don’t want the guy who logs in and sits around Dalaran for 3 hours while waiting for an invite.

I want the guy who logs in and manages to farm herbs, do some quests, engage in BGs/PvP, runs random dungeons or whatever while waiting for a raid spot. If someone lags out, a simple whisper, invite, and summon and they can fill the gap at a moment’s notice. At least this way, their time won’t be a lost cause entirely.

The future

3.3 is to be the last major raid patch before Cataclysm. This is where I get a bit scared.

What the hell can I possibly write about between now and Cataclysm?

It’s going to take some serious digging deep in order to fill that time. I guess I’m a little concerned and worried about it. I did recall there being another content patch that will be inserted between now and Cataclysm. I suspect it will be something akin to Isle of Quel’danas (not necessarily a Sunwell type raid, but just quests and such to do).

Actually, while I’m on the topic, any ideas or guesses as to what it might be? Maybe the Troll city out in Zul’Drak will open up. We went by this entire expansion without a Troll raid instance.

A whole expansion with no killing of Trolls in a raid.

Vanilla brought in Zul’Gurub. Burning Crusade had Zul’Aman. Wrath? Zip.

I want to kill me some freakin’ Trolls.

With the Olympic break starting soon, perhaps I can find the time (and most importantly, the motivation) to engage in writing again. I still have some blogging assignments sitting here that are partially complete. In any case, how have you been?

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  1. Hey Matt, I’ve also been thinking a lot about what the hell to write about over the period. I’ve no answers but I’m with you in spirit :).

    The next mini content patch, interesting eh. Do you remember that prior to TBC they revamped the PvP system and gave away free epics (basically)? Perhaps something like that, changing some of the mechanics or systems.
    .-= Gravity´s last blog ..Tier-gear or not, for strict 10-man tanks =-.

  2. OMG, your’e right. No f’ing trolls. D:

    Unless you count Faction Champions, for you Alliance folk.
    .-= Lilitharien´s last blog ..Upcoming Priest-Related Podcast =-.

  3. I cannot shake the feeling of there being something trollish in nature coming. There are too many mysteries left about Gundrak.

    1) What is that mysterious tomb for that has a walkway to it near the Drakkari Colossus (second boss)?

    2) As I mentioned on Twitter, what is that large, snake-like tail doing under the same platform?

    3) Why exactly IS Gundrak littered with bones? Particularly full of bones is the area between the first and second boss, even in the background. Bones come out of the wall as if they were flowing down at some point.

    4) With all of the pipes and such it almost seems like it’s the “sewer” of the once great city. Were a select few hiding something? Was sacrificing their gods not something all of the Drakkari wanted?

  4. There are some bloated undead trolly things in DTK aren’t there? I suppose those don’t really count.

    I would kill to have a guild where we had only two spots empty at 10 minutes past time. 🙁 The bane of the casual guild is starting 30-40 minutes late and pugging a few spots almost every time. Last night was the first time in weeks we couldn’t fill a 10 man though, and I was pretty disheartened.

    I imagine you’ll be able to recruit some quality folks to pick up the slack. 🙂
    .-= Rhii´s last blog ..Communing with the Elders =-.

  5. It seemed like Sunwell was a lot closer to the release of Lich King than ICC is to the launch of Cataclysm. I really hope they put in at least something else between the two to keep everyone occupied.

    ZG and ZA represent some of my best raiding memories. I wouldn’t mind getting another crack at the trolls. I agree that Zul’Drak feels like the largest collection of loose story ends in the game. It seems to me that most of the other stories have been concluded with one of the raid dungeons.

  6. Ah… the attendance issue.

    That drove me crazy to the point of not wanting to play my main anymore, until I quit the guild I was GM of, along with my co-GM. Little by little I moved towards more serious raiding guilds (I don’t like the word hardcore, it’s not clear what it entails).

    I’ve already decided that if my current guild doesn’t work for me I’ll transfer out of Bronzebeard… Becoming Alliance? mmm maybe…Though moving and faction changing a priest / mage and paladin might be slightly annoying.

  7. Wait wait wait…. did you really just ASK for a Troll Instance?! NOooooOOoooo! The gear from their looks horrible! Then again… it looks horrible when I was female dorf… now that I’m finally Draenei….

  8. Gun’drak filler raid pre-Cataclysm. You heard it here first.
    .-= Josh´s last blog ..Ret FAQ for 3.3 =-.

  9. Gun’drak was merely a setback …

    /evil troll cackle
    .-= Vixsin´s last blog ..Resto T10: When a Set Bonus is that Good =-.

  10. Our guild is slowly losing people as more decide to take a long break or quit WoW completely. Fortunately we had about 40 active raiders so even losing some we are still full every raid night. Also, other guilds are starting to hurt and we are picking up many of their refugees. All in all, we are keeping a balanced roster and we have the bodies to fill raids but we are replacing some of our best people with less skilled / less geared / less in tune with our raids. We mowed through the first 4 ICC 25 bosses, got Fester and Rot down with a little bit of trouble but now can’t get Putricide or the Princes Council. Being stuck on the progression in turn leads to more people deciding to take a break or quit the game.

  11. I now feel a little guilty about justifying my last abscence. 😛

    I have noticed that attendance starts waning when content either becomes stale or roadblocks are encountered. I just always try to remind people there are bumps on the road and if you are not willing to work through them with us as a team I can always find someone who will.

    That is to say, if players go awol due to game boredom rather than attention to real life. When Real LifeTM seems to crit a guild, its hard to go on that recruiting spree.
    .-= Napps´s last blog ..The Penalty Box – How an addon helped me with those /palm moments =-.

  12. EXCUSE ME?!!? You want to kill some WHAT?!?!

  13. “I want to kill me some freakin’ Trolls.”

    Don’t even think about messing with the mojo. Remember, Trolls will cook and eat anything, I feel like a tiny priest that is bored will be eaten without the cooking part.

    AND WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO KILL TROLLS. Look at all the gnomes running around freely. KILL THEM!

  14. lol “gundrak was merely a setback” 🙂

  15. YES! The absence of a troll raid makes Northrend feel so strange! I was so thrilled to see the Zandalar in Zul’drak, but aside from a few quests and a neutral town… nothing >_< And there's still that huge serpent tail in Gundrak mystery! Come on Blizz!!! Where be da voodoo, mon?!

  16. Welcome back to the land of the blogging, Matt! Hope you had a good break with um saving the galaxy and all that! 🙂

    And don’t worry about WoW content – I’m sure Cataclysm will be out before we know it.

    Heh, yeah, well, we needed the laugh…
    .-= We Fly Spitfires´s last blog ..Horror MMORPGs =-.

  17. I had to do this, too, Matt, as you can see with my CommentLuv link. I hate to do it, too, but sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, and letting people know that even though we’re not posting, we’re not indefinitely gone or truly absent is a good thing for dedicated readers. It’s the wishy-washy kind of bloggers who make a bad name, but informing a dedicated readership of a hiatus and the reasons behind it seems to be more responsible than anything.
    .-= Professor Beej´s last blog ..I Am A Resolute Failure =-.


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