Shutout by Rotface

Last night, 3 Conquest ICC 10 teams dove in with the goal of reaching the new wing. All of us were successful even though we went at slightly different paces.

Gluth’s mini brothers, Precious and Stinky, represent a serious trash wakeup call. Getting a little better at handling it but I’m still suffering 2-3 casualties in the raid. The priority is to get the current dog tank topped up fast. That isn’t the problem as we don’t seem to be quick enough in reaching everyone else. My current thinking is to bubble spam soft targets like clothwearers (players with overall low health) before dropping the raid healing bombs. The chomp doesn’t kill us, its Stinky’s fart that seems to do it. When taking care of Precious, be careful with the zombies and don’t stand next to them when they get trapped or rooted in place.

Since most of the players had worked on Festergut on the raid night before, he fell over fairly easily within 1-2 shots as we knew what to expect and how to handle it.

Now Rotface completely stoned us. He stopped all the shots the various groups had taken on him. After multiple attempts, it had gotten to the point where groups were wrestling with the increased disease spawn time (the 30% mark or so) or had proximity issues with the uber big ooze. The Ooze explosions were easy to manage.

What’s going to haunt me over the weekend is the fact that my guys wiped on Rotface with 10k health left.

Rotface juts got nerfed, by the way.

On a side note, I have to share something. Spring semester started this week and I sometimes end up getting in classes with professors with intriguing accents. In math classes or stats, I end up getting the stereotypical Asian prof (from Hong Kong or Taiwan or something) who are difficult to understand. I was pleased to discover that this prof had an eastern European accent.

In other words, he sounds like Borat.

And this is a class on International Studies.

“This u-ni-vehr-sity cam-pus is velly’ nice. Be sure to read journal article by Robert Bates for next week, yes?”

Anyway, how are you guys tackling Festergut and Rotface thus far? Problems? Can’t wait for the Professor myself.

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  1. My guild handled Rotface first, and probably the more difficult of the two encounters. We spent an entire night, plus another 3 hours wiping on him after having gotten owned on the puppies first. We weren’t expecting Gluth 2.0, but we managed.

    Rotface was done on 25-man, so he wasn’t so terribly OP. The issue we kept running into is getting the kiter to kite the oozes in the right direction and keeping people from creating second and third Big Oozes. Once we got him to 30%, it was not so bad, just needed to burn as fast as possible. We ran heroism early because we discovered the frequency of the ooze debuffs increased at 2 minutes into the fight, 2:30, etc. until it gets down to 6 second intervals. The faster you can get him down to 30, the easier the encounter is.

    Festergut is on Monday — so we’ll have to see about that, and hopefully we can get Putricide down at the same time.
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  2. My 10-man raid killed Festergut on Tuesday within 3 or 4 attempts. The wipes we had were mostly due to underestimating the damage on the tanks after the 3rd inhale. Once the healers knew to start spamming and the tanks knew to pop cooldowns, the fight went very smoothly.

    Rotface took more than 10 attempts. I feel for the kiter on this fight, they really have the most difficult job. When we got it, it certainly wasn’t a clean kill. There were small slimes running around everywhere and for the most part we just brute-forced it past 30%.

    Haven’t seen the 25-man version yet, first 25-man raid is tonight.
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  3. We have taken three 10 person groups and I believe all 3 are on professor putricide. I know the first group attempted the fight 4 times and decided to wait to get more information before we do our final attempts. Thankfully, posted a very useful video yesterday.

    25-person raids are proving more difficult. We were able to down festergut after several attempts and finally deciding that 5 healers was necessary for us to beat the enrage timer. We were able to get rotface down to 10% and we plan to go back to hopefully finish him off on Monday. Our final attempts had us Bloodlusting at the 2 minute mark as that was when our warriors would have their CDs ready and the increase in slimes appeared to be time based. Our original 10 person raids had the pally OT tank the slimes on Rotface, but other groups quickly found that hunters excelled at the game and this proved true in the 25 person raid attempts.

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  4. Lychordia says:

    Stinky and Precious are easy peazy for us for some reason. But Festergut, it hurt, A LOT. Even with healers spamming for each breath, it was still brutal and we kept loosing our tanks. Battle rez, soulstone, bang my head on keyboard. It was brutal. But DANG! I LOVED EVERY MINUTE!

    Personal note, joined a new guild and now have raids every night if I want them. AND, as far as tank/healer gear, it was remarked that our current main 10m (I’m on it) will be getting the gear upgrades as much as possible to help us handle the encounters. And that probably planning quick TOGC runs to get us there. Hehehe, so do I tell them that I have never done a TOGC yet? LOL.

    25M ICC tonight. Wish us luck!

  5. Never a death on Stinky and Precious, Downed Festergut the first night on 3rd attempt..4 attempts on Rotface first night, then called it even though we got him down to 5%…2nd night downed Rotface on 2nd attempt…easy as pie once you learn not to get slimed.

    Rotface: had 1 pally tanking slimes AND dispelling those with the mark who run to him…all raid (except Pally OT) stands on Rots ass and runs thru his legs b4 he vomits…EASY.

    The Professor on the other hand is TOUGH…used 4 attempts last night just to view all the phases…thats gonna be THE fight.

  6. We have worked on Rotface for two nights now (due to not enough dps and more healers showing up) and we seem to get stuck on or around the 30% mark (25 man). About the same issues you are experiencing; too close to the big ooze and managing the increase in mutated infections. We also had a tank who wasn’t very good at kiting; would get too far away and kite the ooze into the raid. >.<

    We're hoping with a better group make up on Monday (our next raid night) we'll get him down.
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  7. We didn’t have too many problems with Festergut after the healers realized the amount of damage the tank would be getting hit with. However, Rotface through us for a loop. we had a couple of good attempts going when an ooze explosion would get us. We had to end the night still working on the best strategy for dealing with the ooze explosion. But it is definitely a hard fight and tons of fun. We are all having tons of fun running our 10 man through this new content, not being able to one shot everything. It’s such a welcome change and we’re loving it.
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  8. @Matt: It might be hard for a traditional tank to keep aggro on the Big Ooze, even from healers. We tried a few times with our tank warrior, but it´s really tough for him to kite, cause warriors only got Taunt (on dimishing returns) and Heroic Throw on a very long cooldown… Pally tanks definitely have an easier time there, and a druid tank worked for us with the spell options… but warriors are just not suited for that…
    As for hunters, they are the master of kiting, so I definitely believe it might be easy for them to handle those slimy bastards.

  9. Nocturnas says:

    We 3-shotted Festergut with one of our DPS dead half the fight. We sunk two evenings, probably over 15 attempts, into Rotface, and the best we managed was about 50% or so.

    Rotface was definitely over tuned before the nerf. Our raid is 10-man strict, so when something is too hard we really feel it. It bugs me no end when people wander in to ICC-10 with level 258 gear, have to — gosh — 3-heal an encounter, and then claim Blizzard nerfed it because of forum QQ. No, they nerfed it because it’s very very hard unless you outgear the encounter. The fight should be doable in 232 gear with a sprinkling of 251 items with perfect execution.

    Another fix they might have implemented for Rotface is to change the ooze spawn timer, but I’m guessing that’s harder to hotfix than just his health.

  10. We’re a small guild with a pool of only 12-14 raiders, so we don’t really get to pick and choose our setup much, which sometimes shows a bit in our raid-progress.
    The first night we got Festergut down pretty easy, as soon as me and the other healer got the hang of keeping people alive.
    Rotface, however, we spent the rest of the raid whiping on. We had a DK kiting the ooze, and he kept dying when the ooze overcame him. It probably didn’t help that we ran three healers, so the dps was suffering “a bit” from that.

    The next day, however, we came back with our usual pally OT, who had no problems handling the big ooze. Running straight through the slime on the floor was no biggie for him, and by going down to two healers (me as disc, and a holypriest), we actually got him down after a few whipes. The trick, for us, seemed to be to burn rotface down as soon as humanly possible so we didn’t have to do too much ooze-stuff.

    Our main problem, in retrospec, was actually getting the small oozes to melt together with the big one (or with the other small ooze, in the case after the explosion) – we kept having problems with the small ooze not wanting anything to do with the other one. We thought this might be a proximity-problem, until someone proved it wrong by almost jumping ON the big ooze. And still his ooze followed him.

    Have any of you guys experienced this?

  11. we killed festergut on 25 after few hours of attempts. once you figure out the fight, its basicaly a dps/spam your heals at the right time check. had 2 10 man groups go in last night 2 healing with both. our group one shot him with something like 2 minutes left on enrage timer (25 man practice and gear helped a LOT,but still) I think it took 2 attempts for a second group?

    Rotface, ugg. we’ve gotten him to 15% on 25 man and I think something like 20% in 10 man I was in? I ended up switching from elemental to resto, to give us 3 healers, but we’re still having issues with oozes, most notable, they don’t seem to combine immediately half the time, even if 2 infected/cleansed people stand right on top of each other. so A bellow 30% we would sometimes end up with more then 1 big ooze. its possible that we were running back from explosions too early, but we would get little oozes in the raid and was just..ugg. we’ll get him though, will just take some practice. our friendly rival guild on the server chose to focus on rotface first and they killed him on 25 man last night, so I’m pretty confident, we’ll be able to get him on our sunday25 man’s.

    while hunters kiting rotface seems like a good idea, I’m not confident its the best solution, becasue at least in my guild, hunters are right up there with rogues on damage. its a pretty big loss of dps if they end up kiting. it might be worth looking into the possibility of them being BM and just keeping a pet on rotface at all times? something to ponder.

  12. tried this boss fight from the moment we cleared trash until it respawned. The best attempt we had, one of our members idly got locked out of the room and instead of breaking LoS he watched, when he got the slime it reset, he was somewhere around 15% when this happened. We finally stopped after the trash respawned, we would have gotten it had it not been for time constraints, and irritatingly enough he was nerfed. 🙁
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  13. Had our first 25-man raid of the week. Festergut down in 2 attempts and Rotface down in 4. We used 5 healers for both fights.

    Festergut is slightly more challenging compared to 10, as the raid damage is a bit higher.

    Rotface was actually easier than the 10-man version, I found. Still got quite hectic at the end though, and we got our kill with 4 people alive. That Slime Spray is a bitch when it happens as you’re running away from a slime explosion.
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  14. @matticus

    My apologies for not responding sooner. It is a threat issue. The initial spawn the tank can grab and build aggro without too much trouble, but once you started getting several slimes spawning in the middle of the raid as time goes on, it is harder for a tank to safely build threat since most of their aggro gain abilities are close range (minus a taunt or two) and healing threat goes over it. Hunters are more mobile, can quickly outpace threat at a safe range, and may have more experience kiting in general. Occasionally, our hunter would have to call out on vent for concentrated heals if he had to path through ooze, but he was very capable of taking the slime in 25 man. You do lose some dps (assuming your OTdoesn’t have a dps off), but this is not as much of a race as festergut.

  15. Also, we keep our entire raid in melee range – minus the hunters (both kiters and dps). This makes it easier to avoid the spray as you just run through his body whenever he turns towards the raid. Also, if people wait to run from the explosions, there tends to be much more room to spread out and avoid death since the periphery was relatively unoccupied prior to the explosion.

  16. 3 attempts for rotface tonight. We then spent all 10 of our attempts on putricide, trying to gain our feet in the fight for next week.

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