Show Your Holy Priests Love With a Glowing Twilight Scale

Show Your Holy Priests Love With a Glowing Twilight Scale

Not happy with your trinkets?

Feeling disappointed about your lack of throughput?

Getting teased by other healers in the raid?

Then get yourself a Glowing Twilight Scale today!

In all due seriousness, this is one of the best trinkets you can get. If you can snag one of these, you’re virtually set for the rest of the expansion. Let’s ignore the spellpower bonus for now and look at the proc alone. Every time you use it, your direct heals will cause the target of your heal to heal both themselves and friends within 10 yards.

Not quite sure which spells will activate it?

  • Prayer of Mending bounces
  • Prayer of  Healing
  • Circle of Healing
  • Power Word: Shield glyph

That’s not including your direct healing nukes. But yeah, it will trigger off each target hit by your AoE spells. In theory, you can overlap your raid with these HoTs within seconds. It’s called Twilight Renewal.

It will also activate Trauma’s proc.

I’t’s something like 356 HP per second for 6 seconds. Multiply it by 25 players in the raid, and you have a large number.

At least, in theory. And you don’t have to be a theorycrafter to understand that you’re providing a lot of painkillers and Asprins to your entire raid during those 15 seconds that the trinket is activated.

What it won’t work with:

  • It doesn’t seem to work with Glyph of Holy Light for Paladins (needs confirmation)
  • Riptide (Sorry Shamans)

The HoT effect is amplified by the ICC zone wide healing buff. It doesn’t seem to gain any benefits from your character’s spell power.

Here’s a comparison from the logs of select volunteers on Plus Heal.

A Discipline Priest on heroic Sindragosa 25 (Time elapsed: 6:30)


A Holy Paladin on heroic Sindragosa 25 (Time elapsed: 7:24)


A Holy Priest on normal Sindragosa 25 (Time elapsed: 7:06)


It’s difficult to create lab conditions, but this is the best I can do. Two of the encounters were on heroic and one was on normal for Sindragosa. Just a few things to note though:

When the trinket is activated, you gain Eyes of Twilight (which is when your heals get amplified and start spreading around). In this example?

  • Discipline Priest – 3 activations
  • Holy Paladin – 2 activations
  • Holy Priest – 4 activations

The heal gains for Holy paladins aren’t as bad as it’s made out to seem here. I think if they all used it the same number of times (like 3), we’d see fairly close margins. Maybe within 2-3%? I’m still going to bet money that a Holy Priest has the slide edge in terms of proc maximization (and purely proc maximization).

So who does it go to?

Give it to your best healer.

If they’re all equally deserving of it, and you want to approach it from a raid min maxing perspective:

  1. Holy Priest
  2. Resto Shaman
  3. Disc Priest
  4. Resto Druid
  5. Holy Paladin

At least, that’s my personal take on it. You’re free to assign it however you like and you’ll want to look at any number of combinations such as who needs it, attendance, looks, etc.

Anyway, don’t be like me and give it to a Holy Pally who quit the guild within the next week because he wanted to devote his time to PvP instead and joined a straight PvP guild.

Any Holy Pallies or Mages out there? We’re looking for some really excellent ones. Bonus points if you can do the invisible thing on Putricide.

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  1. How many times did the other healers get Unchained magic? Because when i get Unchained i just completely stop healing.

    • @Entrop: On hard mode, that number drops to 0. On 25, 3 healers and 3 spell related DPS will always get unchained magic everytime it is active. I know guilds bring an extra 3 to compensate for this on hard. Even 1 tick of unchained magic going off will nuke the raid.

  2. @Entrop I always get unchained magic and I heal back up to max of 4 stacks. That prevents the kickback from being too hard. But that’s regular mode. I haven’t tried hardmode to know whether I need to reduce that amount.

  3. @Hempia — On Sindragosa hard mode, casters have to stop casting entirely when they get Unchained Magic. On hard mode, the Arcane backlash (Instability) gains an AoE component, so when it goes off after 4 seconds, it hits not just you, but everyone within 20 yards. Imagine if you have 3 or 4 casters who aren’t being careful and firing off Instability; it can quickly erode your raid.

    We’ve checked our combat logs and you can’t even wand during that time, because you have a 1 in 5 chance of catching Permeating Chill, which puts more pressure on the unaffected healers to heal you.

  4. @matt the other thing i thought was kinda funny how does a holy priest get 4 activations on a 7:06 fight?

  5. I believe that would be using at pull, 2, 4, and 6 min intervals to max uptime on it

  6. @Entrop — The priest probably has it macro-bound to a group heal, like CoH. Actually that would be a really good one to bind it to, since CoH is going to catch people nearest to your target, which is what the trinket does. So you’re adding a HoT component to your CoH. Not bad at all.

    That said, as the guild’s resident Disc priest, I really wouldn’t mind getting this one myself, either.

  7. Yeah I just realized this after actually thinking about it… feels more like a Monday than a Tuesday sorry… LoL….

  8. I’m definitely putting in a good word for Resto Shamans on this trinket. I clocked 460k healing from it tonight on our kill of Heroic LK25; it’s a godsend inside the Frostmourne room and on phase transitions.

  9. As a holy priest on LK 25 HM last night, I was able to get 803k healing from the trinket. In the Shadowmourne room, just pop the trinket macroed to CoH, use PoM and CoH on CD and spam Holy Nova and it’s win.

  10. as a holy priest, when do you guys usually trigger it?

  11. Blakkeyez says:

    Would you recommend switching to even the normal version of the Glowing Twillight Scale instead of Heroic Solace of the Fallen/Defeated paired with Heroic Althor’s Abacus for throughput on raid healing as holy/disc?

  12. Have you ever thought of putting more videos to your blog site articles to have the visitors even more entertained? I mean I just read through the whole posting of yours and it absolutely was very great but because I am far more of a visual learner, I found that way to be a lot more helpful. well, let me know what you think.

  13. @Seerita — are you offering to help? ;-D

    Matt is super busy, and video actually takes a really big effort. And if by “visual learner” you mean you want Matt to show you what he’s talking about, that’s a tremendous amount of work. Trust me. If you want to watch videos from a healer, you might wanna just go watch Aliena over at Tankspot.

    Now, if you do better in an audio format, then one thing you might try is to use a text-to-speech feature (I know Mac OS has it native; I’m sure you can do that on Windows as well).

  14. Rainbowsaur says:

    I just got this on my holy priest alt and I must agree with you.
    I’m in love.

    And I’m tempted to apply as my mage, raiding with the priest of all priest, but I’m happy where I am. But I do know how to use the invisibility thing :<


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