Saturday Random Thoughts

Saturday Random Thoughts

  • Always stretch before working out on the Wii Fit or engaging in any kind of physical activity. My abs cramped up trying to do some of them plank exercises.
  • Halls: The official cough drop of World of Matticus. Helped reduce my cough on the WI show.
  • Close GMail when podcasting.
  • Note to self to ask for feedback on podcast (both WI and Twisted Nether) when they’re mp3’d.
  • Relax more. Too jittery. Too nervous. Think happy thoughts. Stare at Jessica Alba posters more.
  • Publicly give a shout out to Wyn the next time I go on the air.
  • Epic gem vendor in Shattrath City, too.


  • Acquiring Thorium Brotherhood reputation is a royal pain in the derriere.
  • But it can be worth it for a straight up mana regen staff:


  • Saying yes to friends is hard. Saying no to friends is even harder.
  • Clearly people aren’t aware of the rules. What is said in BA chat stays in BA chat ;).
  • In need of a new banner. Need to shop around for a design service.
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