Just downed the final exam boss. For those of you unaware, it’s a seasonal boss and it usually involves a massive 300 person raid to do. I don’t know who designs the encounters but sometimes I wonder what goes through their minds when they do it. In any case, things started off a bit slow during the multiple choice phase. All I can say is, all that time spent grinding the weekly lecture raid paid off. During the last week, he gave the “Exam material will only be based on lecture slides” buff which over two thirds of the raid didn’t get.


But yeah, a bit of a struggle during the multiple choice phase (and I hope I maximized my luck stat).

Definitely strongest during the short answer phase as I knocked over every question, definition, and example with confidence.

Now the final essay boss?

Utilizing everything you learned thus far in lecture, how would you go about exploring the issue of a relationship between heritability and musical appreciation?

Another heavy reliance on the luck stat.

It’s okay though. It’s over. Now it’s back to blogging business!

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