Recruiting Healers is Like Picking Up Women (and a WoW Blogger’s challenge)

I don’t get as much time to check out my feedreader as much as I like. But every once in a while, when I have time, I’ll pop open Google Reader. Sometimes I’ll see a post title that catches my eye which makes me zero in on it.

Ess wrote an eyebrow raising post about how not to recruit healers.

Here’s one of the points Ess offers:

2. Whisper them every time they log in.

So, this person that has been whispering me the second that I log in has been doing this for the past several days. Really… is it necessary to whisper me every single day? I have gotten the picture — I know they want me to join their guild. I’m always polite about the recruiting part, and tell them I appreciate it, but remind them that I plan to stay with my guild. (Are they hoping to wear me down?)

Also, they’re usually asking me to heal something at that moment for them. Because they ask me every day, I find myself much less inclined to run with them. I don’t want to do anything to encourage this behavior. If you were hoping to build a relationship with someone, would you really call them every single night and ask them to do something? Hopefully not. It sends bad signals, suggesting that you are high maintenance. This is a definite turn off. It makes me wish there were some sort of invisibility setting so they couldn’t see me when I logged in.

I can’t say I’ve ever experienced this stalking behavior. I’d get a lot of additions onto friends lists and I do get my share of messages when I do log on. But it hasn’t happened as much since the debut of expansion. Maybe the tanks or DPS just got tired of waiting for me to say yes and moved onto other healers instead. That’s okay. I prefer to test the waters anyway.

I gotta say, I really like Ess’s style and post here.

In the spirit of single’s awareness Valentine’s day coming up in a little under a week, I’m issuing a challenge to WoW bloggers to write a valentine’s themed post. Here’s a few post ideas and themes that you’re welcome to use. By all means, feel free to come up with your own! I’ll feature a few pieces that caught my eye next week (if I have any takers). I think I found my sweet spot. I should come out to Waves more often. London Fog seems to be the fuel for my blogging engine.

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18 thoughts on “Recruiting Healers is Like Picking Up Women (and a WoW Blogger’s challenge)”

  1. As a tank, I’ve been victim of the stalking ESS refered to as well. Nothing more enjoyable than knowing you have 5 min to log on say hi to your friends and check the AH, and get spammed by whispers from people you pugged 2 weeks ago to join their guild and lead their runs.

    On the flip side, when I am wanting a pug its a good deal.

    @ Spinks,

    Here’s a link to a guest post I did for Matticus

    As a tank, if I can keep a pugged healer happy over many runs they just may decide to stop healing the tanks in your guild and start healing you exclusively.

    omenscourges last blog post..Patch 3.1 Notes Scourge Style

  2. I’m not gay, i’m a 33yr straight married old father.

    and play a female priest. as well as a gnome mage a lock and when need be a bear tank.

    great list.

    best way to be ignored is pester me to run you through heroics after i’ve farmed them on this toon and three others and am starting on the fourth.

    really… early on it was top guilds there, gearing for naxx, as was I. ok we are undergeared, lets CC sumt!!!

    now its chain pull and screw a healers mana or the fact the tank and dps blows.

    = no more healers besides fail healers for fails in wow =)


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