Random Thoughts for Thursday

  • Guild bank infiltrated. 80 hearts taken and many epic gems lost
  • Our bank was not the only one
  • Mages need another rank of conjured water
  • 1 healer means the difference between doing Black Temple or Mount Hyjal
  • Warlocks have something which allows them to increase healing done on them by some percentage
  • The feeling of dread is universal be it an exam the next day or a deadline to face
  • My Spiritual Guidance column is almost done and will be ready over the course of the weekend
  • I need to find more free stock photo websites
  • Freedom happens after 6 PM
  • Learning is not about regurgitating what is taught to you, it is about applying what you learn
  • Profs make more sense when you speak to them one on one than in lecture
  • How did Kael’s forces take over Quel’Danas?
  • Raiding on an empty stomach is not fun
  • Running Hyjal with 6.5 healers with the .5 being a Prot Paladin
  • Bocelli helps a lot with stress relief
  • Contemplating writing another RP post on a slightly larger scale
  • Dirty D is liveblogging tonight’s raid. Go check it out!
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  1. * the guild bank thing sucks!
    * moar water!
    * the warlock thing is the spell Fel Armor
    * RP posts are made of awesome!
    * Bocelli is nice. I find I also am a fan of Brandenberg Concerti and The Well Tempered Clavier. At least, I would be if I listened to out of game music while raiding.

  2. I play Metal during my raids.. The fast paced stuff sets a good tempo to mash buttons to. If I’m feeling like going a little crazy I’ll put on some Drum ‘n Bass or other fast paced Techno/Electronica.

    The guild bank thing does indeed suck. Alot.

  3. – I sympathize. Our gbank got jacked for all our hearts, epic gems, BT patterns, marks, cauldrons, primals, shards, and crystals. something like 70k worth. And there’s nothing they’ll do about it.

    – It’s the warlocks’ T5 set bonus, from what I understand.

    – Can’t wait to read your column.

    – Josh Groban or Daft Punk get me through most raids.

    – Bananas are winnar for raids. Tasty, one-handed, and don’t make crunching noises. Nutri-grain bars also fit this category.

    http://www.istockphoto.com if you haven’t found that one already.

    – Lootseeding.. Fact or Crap?

  4. Josh Groban is one of my favorite classical-pop singer after Hayley Westenra~”~

  5. Josh Groban and Hayley Westenra should be the perfect couple.’;,


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