Prayer of Mending Generates Threat for Priest (Same with LB, Earth Shield)

Yeah, you read that right. Threat is now being slightly changed. As it stands right now, Prayer of Mending when activated generates threat for the player it is on. This change now means that every time we cast Prayer of Mending and it activates, threat is generated for us.

The same effect applies to Lifebloom and Earth Shield for their respective classes. Wonder what the Paladin equivalent is.

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  1. And one messenger window open for your favorite enhancement shammy to post you interesting stuff!

  2. Fixed

  3. Paladins do not currently have any healing spells that generate threat which is attributed to the target of the heal. All of our spells’ threat is attributed to the Paladin.

    Naelums last blog post..Zero Punctuation

  4. @Naelum: Good. I figured as much. I haven’t kept as much track on Paladin changes and I wasn’t sure if Wrath changed them around in that fashion.

  5. I think one interesting (and positive) side-effect is that Priests’ healing on Healing-Meters (a.k.a. Damage Meters) should go up (relatively) once those addons learn to parse the new data and attribute the amount healed by PoM to the priest.
    On the negative side, this means the age-old tactic of casting Mending on the tank just before the pull will have to go the way of the Dodo, as in terms of initial threat it will be just as bad as casting Renew on the tank pre-pull (an action which for me has always been the sign of a priest who doesn’t fully understand threat mechanics).

    Solidstates last blog post..Brewfest

  6. Suicidal Zebra says

    Actually, there is some question as to whether Judgement of Light will now generate threat for the Paladin who Judged it. In the latest patch JoL healing procs correctly attribute the healing to that Paladin now.

    If Sacred Shield procs generate threat it seems likely the threat will also be attributed to the Paladin.

    It’s well worth testing if you can think of a way to do so.

  7. This makes me a little sad. I love poM, and I love that it creates threat for other people and not me. Of course, i know some warlocks who didn’t really appreciate it procing off them at the same time as a soul shatter….

  8. @Solidstate: I don’t know about that. I’m not sure at what build the threat changes were in on but I’d always light up the tank just before they make contact with a PoM and a Renew. Remember, we’re talking 4k – 8k hits from bosses.

  9. Since healing meters were mentioned, I have what may be a stupid question. Yes, I know that healing meters are not cut and dried ‘you did well’ signs and that it is complicated to interpret them but…aren’t they going to become even more complicated once you have a Disc priest in the raid, actively throwing PW:Shield around? You still have the standard of ‘did your target/assignment live’ but are we going to see unknowing back-seat-raiders throwing Disc priests out because they don’t have the healed-this-amount numbers of everyone else?

  10. If this means what I think it means then it will potentially cause shaman big problems. We tend to put earth shield on the tank before he pulls…. If there are several mobs then as soon as one hits him the shaman will now gain a small amount of threat from the earth shield going off and any that are not yet hit by the tank will go and kill the shaman…

  11. Don’t forget that it causing aggro for us now also means it can crit! And, while I forget my numbers, it does crit for quite a good bit.

    Am I sad about ProM not being able to count for the tank? Am I also sad that I can almost forsee a few bad starting ProM bounces getting a few melee aggro (doubtful, but let’s face it…we’ll get blamed at some point!)? A little. However, I do like that being able to see it on recount will make it a lot easier to understand what priests don’t cast it enough.

    As to Beth, a disc priest will probably be both hard and easy to judge. I can look at spells cast, and the amount of times they crit and procced a shield…so the amount of shields that they throw in a fight is not an issue. Plus, if a healing leader were to not understand the Disc priest’s healing style, and throw them out, then that Disc priest would probably not want to be in that guild.

  12. Oh and Yarral, it just means that there’s going to be a lot of tweaking of spell rotations. I usually throw ProM up before the pull. All this means is that we can’t do that anymore, and I have a feeling that just one hit from the tank will be enough aggro over us to be able to cast it without losing that much time.

    Oh, and remember that they changed threat mechanics! A paladin tank friend of mine said that he could run into a mob and have instant threat, and I could even GHeal him after one pull. It was very interesting.

  13. the earth shield is breaking .

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