Polls are Closed and the Results Are In

Poll of class mains

Turns out the majority of my readers have Priests as mains! Druids are a close second. Oddly enough, the next class is Hunters. I’m a little perplexed as to why Hunters would be reading my blog when my focus is on Priests and Raid Officering.

Well, who cares?

Glad you guys read all the same!

On a complete different topic, I love Keynote! I had no idea it could do cool graphs like that. I can even export presentations on keynote into flash files and AVI’s! Now that opens up a LOT of possibilities for me here in terms of the next step I can take with my blog.

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  1. Da Priests! 😛

  2. Because 5.5 million of Blizzard’s 9 million players are Hunters. Of those, 2 million are NE, 1 million are Dwarf, and 2 million are Troll.

  3. To be honest I often think that at least 50% of WoW bloggers are hunter bloggers. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re a talkative bunch, or if it’s the inspiration of a certain Big Red Kittycat.

    That said, your blog is very informative and entertaining for all classes and I certainly love reading your stuff!

  4. Yeah Priests… =D

    And yeah I agree with Kestrel. It’s because there’s a million and a half more hunters than anything else.

  5. Dr00ds in the hiz-ouse! Moonglade! /flashes gang sign (a leaf that looks suspiciously like something dirty)

  6. Keynote and Mac FTW.

    I’m not a priest but its always informative to read here. Makes me a better WoW player all around rhs more of things I am of it.

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