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I know, it’s been a while since the last update. We’re up 8 bosses into Siege. I’m hoping to rack up at least one or two more on Monday. I’m not sure what happened between Throne of Thunder and SIege of Orgrimmar, but the raid has been playing much tighter and more disciplined. It wasn’t uncommon for us to take down a progression boss and then just wipe on trash successively. I mean, it still happens from time to time but not as often. We have a tendency in making our own hard modes, that’s for sure. Dark Shaman definitely a pain in the backside for us and I was worried we’d hit another road block but managed to punch through it. Nazgrim took but a few shots for us before we buried him into the ground. That was an enjoyable encounter with the amount of control and restraint we had to exercise throughout the encounter.

Another team composition adjustment that was made is that we’re now regularly running five healers instead of our standard six. Running an 18 DPS lineup means we can simply apply brute force to bosses and negate some of the tighter enrage checks. The only exception was Dark Shaman where I switched from Shadow to Holy to help heal. Having the opportunity to both heal and DPS these fights means I get to enjoy the challenges from two different roles.

Maybe the Flex raid wings are helping along with the preparation. By being exposed to some of the later bosses in a slightly tiered down version, it adds extra familiarity when we tackle these encounters in normal. Whatever it is, the raid train is humming along nicely. This just might end up being an easier tier compared to Throne of Thunder.

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