Player’s Choice Raid: Your 5 Picks?

Player’s Choice Raid: Your 5 Picks?

Let’s fast forward a few years. The 10th anniversary of World of Warcraft is about to hit. To celebrate 10 years of WoW, Blizzard has decided to create an instance filled with 5 bosses of your choice that have their stats and levels modified to whatever the current levels are. It’s a Trial of the Crusader style of an instance. You’re locked in a large arena with no way out.

It’s you, your friends, and your wits.

You get to pick any 5 bosses from any raid instance or outdoor raid boss in the history of the game.

My picks (Trial of the Insane)

  1. Mimiron
  2. Archimonde
  3. Nefarian 1.0
  4. Professor Putricide
  5. Kil’Jaeden

Mimiron’s been a favourite of mine. It’s like 3 mini bosses in one who then Voltron into a combined beast at the end.

Archie’s a huge headache. It took me a long time to get him down and is one of the most satisfactory kills I’ve ever picked up as a raider.

I’m interested in seeing what a post MoP Nef 1.0 encounter would look like. He gets a refresh and picks out abilities based on class (and maybe spec) during his phase 2. In a way, you get to pick your poison against him based on the lineup your raid brings.

Good news everyone! You get to pass plague around all over again in the level 100 version of the raid against Professor Putricide! Is your raid organized enough to automatically divvy themselves up based on which colour debuff they receive? Do they know who is dirty and who is clean?

Lastly, Kil’Jaeden. The boss I’ve worked on the longest in my entire raiding career. Heroic Zon’ozz was close but came up short. Learning to utilize the pet dragon, the positioning, handling all the incoming abilities was like a symphony coming together and making pitch perfect music.

What about you? Which 5 bosses would make it on your Player’s Choice list?

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  1. Hmm, trying to remember the ones I thought were most fun at the time. Twin Emperors, Chess, Shade of Aran, Putricide and Onyxia 😉

  2. Cloverfields says:

    I think i would have to choose 1) mimiron 2) ragy 4.2 (call me sad but i love the fight) 3) Onyxia 4) reliquary of souls 5) 4 hoursemen from naxx

  3. 1. Opera Event from Karazhan: Best Idea Ever.2. Omnitron, yeah yeah call me nuts, but with 25 people that fight was crazy and awesome.3. Yogg-Saron, Still one of the hardest, but greatest achievements I’ve ever done is Alone in the Dark.4. Professor Putricide, such a fun and frustrating fight.5. Freya- Kill trees, hide under mushrooms, DO EVERYTHING!

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