PixelatedGeek Celebrates World of Warcraft Day

PixelatedGeek is hosting a live show on March 18th, 7:30 PM (PST). I’ll be there as a guest and the entire show will be dedicated to WoW! I’ll be there with a couple of other guests:

  • Erin from ErinGames
  • Darren Allarde from WoW Headhunter

The show’ll center around the WoW playing perspectives of all of us and how we juggle WoW with real life. Don’t expect as much healing talk or anything. I suspect this will be a much more personalized look at all of us. Two projects will be talked about and debuted on the show (the WoW Headhunter and a WoW only feed aggregator).

But wait, there’s more!

They’re doing a live trivia contest where viewers can call in and compete against other viewers to win some really cool prizes!

  • 2 x WoW game cards
  • 1 x WoW: Wrath Standard edition game
  • 1 x Cardboard standup life-sized Arthas

I wonder if I can get away with calling the show at the same time. I’d love to gun for that cardboard standup. I’ll put it near the window facing the front lawn. Hopefully that’ll scare off any solicitors.

Anyway, hope to see you folks there! I’ll put up a reminder post a few hours leading up to it.

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