Penance Glyph Reversed and 1st Trip to the States

Looks like Penance glyph is going to stay the same after all. At least, that’s what Kalgan says. I’ve noticed I can’t mass shield as much anymore without having to chug more pots. Oof.

Went to the States for the first time yesterday (and probably last). I’m not exactly much of an outlet shopper but my cousins insisted. So I went! What did I learn?

  • A medium at Jack in the Box is the same as a large in Canada
  • Walmart green stores are huge
  • Stuff is ridiculously cheap compared to stores in Canada
  • I cannot accurately pronounce the name of that Tulip place (casino)
  • The only thing I found remotely appealing to purchase was the $2 garlic bread (There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who like garlic bread and those who lie about not liking garlic bread)
  • Every store I walked into had employees that were unbelievably nice (“Can I help you today?” “Did you find what you were looking for?”)
  • Using 1 dollar bills feels strange
  • It’s cheaper to drive into one of those smaller airports to fly from as opposed to flying out of Vancouver International when considering traveling around the US (IE, 1 way to LAX from VAN is $150 as opposed to Bellingham which is ~80)
  • Beer and wine in Walmart. Did a double take. Alcohol is sold in Canadian government regulated stores (BC Liquor store)

Anyway, won’t be going back for a while. My friend tells me I’m a waste of a shopper :D. I’m inclined to agree.

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