Our Cho’gall 25 Video and Heroic Halfus down

We actually killed Cho’gall several weeks ago, but I didn’t have time to properly edit and such. Check out the new guild intro that Brian created for us. Loooove it!

Scored a heroic Halfus kill last night with 5 shots on him. The tough part is definitely making sure the pulls are stable. The second hardest part is ensuring those interrupts are not missed because those shadow novas just destroy. Once I get the perspectives from other players in the raid, I’ll get our kill video up with our Mumble audio. Think I’ll put that on our recruiting page too. If players can’t make the livestream, they can get some idea of how we operate from that at the least.

That boss feels way easier than Nef, that’s for sure. Back to work on taking out the dragon on Monday. We seem to fare better with 6 healers as opposed to 7. I suspect its because the phases go by quicker and there isn’t enough damage being passed out which means overall the healing is less. However, having a 7th healer grants us that extra safety net of being able to account for anything that could trip us up. A 7th means we can counter those Cackle’s easier. Except we’re still taking so much damage. Are we supposed to spread out on those phase 2 pillars to mitigate something?

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Grats on Chogall and Halfus.

    As for Nef, my guild uses 7 healers because we found that much easier to deal with contingencies.

    We spread out and have 3, 2 and 2 healers and stagger the groups appropriately.

    It helps to have 5 of your people from one pillar in a group for PoH and also to ensure that you never miss an interrupt on the pillars. That is the raid wiper. Try and make sure you have more than 100% coverage in case someone goes down from lava fail.

  2. Spread out along the edge of the pillars as his shadow flames splash, so you can reduce the damage taken. save some cool downs for the electrocute in the air, like Aura Mastery (to mitigate the shadow flames that may follow after dipping so low).

    Grats on Halfus!

  3. In fact, shadow flame does not splash–it is a common misconception. Check your logs or this one (http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-6ifltdo7ftujeywr/xe/?s=11008&e=11440&x=spell%3D%22Shadowflame+Barrage%22)from our most recent kill –the damage hits 10 targets each and every time.

    As to the strat, we’ve found that limiting incoming damage is key. You can do this in phase 1 through careful positioning (and out-ranging the tail swipe). In phase 2, a missed interrupt is nigh unrecoverable. If you are choosing to take a Lighting Machine in that phase, make sure you do have CD’s lined up. Phase 3, the only damage that should be going out should be on the MT, the OT, and on the raid *only* when the Lighting Machine goes off. Fire damage is completely avoidable. Other than that, it’s worth noting that we typically run with 6 healers, two of which are discs because the barriers make such a difference. (Check out the LiG5 strat for additional details, if you’re interested).

    Best of luck to you!

  4. What recording SW did you use, and what did you edit it with? Perhaps post a link to a tutorial, or drop a short guide to how you capture, edit and post your vids?

    U r using grid?

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