New Spiritual Guidance

Post is up over at WoW Insider.

If you like it, I edited it. If you find a mistake, Matt changed it back….

Go check it out!


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  1. He’s a nasty bugger like that, undoing your proofreading!

    Auzaras last blog post..11th Unforgetable Moment

  2. IcE_IcE_N00b says:

    Always taking the credit and blaming the male. IMO that post was fairly generic, but at the same time, he has to appeal to a larger audience so it has become more difficult.

  3. Like it or not, that’s always been how I write. I can’t help it if my posts can be applied on a more widescale spectrum. They’re meant for leveling Priests but that doesn’t mean they can’t be utilized by other classes as well. It’s difficult to find something to discuss about a Priest that has not already been covered in some shape or form by someone else. I’m not just trying to reinvent the wheel here. I’m trying to make it run harder, polish it more, and make it perform better. The WI Gods have seen fit to give me free reign in whatever I write. I’m going to push that limit as far as I can and until they tell me otherwise, it’s what I intend to do.

    The stuff on my blog and WI has to be mutually exclusive. What is on one cannot be on the other. Those are my express limitations. If I had signed with WI half a year earlier, I could probably put out more Priest content. But since most of the Priest stuff is already done here or there, I can’t. Coming up with post ideas for my blog is far more easier because I’m the one in charge. Writing for WI involves word minimums, duplicate content checks, a higher standard, and much more work that I don’t want to discuss right now.

    So as a class columnist, I’m going to continue writing stuff that will always be relevant for Priests in some fashion. If a Druid comes along and goes “oh look, I can apply these principles to Druidism stuff too!” then all the better! My goal is to simply catch Salmon. But if my net happens to haul Tuna and Halibut, I won’t complain. This way, people will get their moneys worth.

    It’s one of the downsides about writing for such an established blog. The expectations placed upon you are unbelievable by the public. Ice, you’re not the only one. I’ve seen other people comment saying “Hey this stuff isn’t just Priest only, it can be used by others! I feel cheated!”. And that kind of mentality gets draining after a while. I’m being slammed for my ability to be non-exclusive and it’s not fair.

  4. Just dropping by to say that I found your post very useful (well… if my priest can get past level 26!)… and to thank you so very much for the link at the bottom! It certainly pushed my views up for the day!

    Saresas last blog post..Moving

  5. Here comes a thank you from Larísa as well!

    I was chocked to see the views… your link resulted in 324 views! It’s ten times the amount of visitors I have a normal day. It really felt weired – especially since it didn’t result in one single comment…

    I reckon the readers of Wowinsider aren’t quite as talkative as the handful of faithful visitors who normally comes and see me. A huge but silent crowd – you have no idea what they’re actually thinking reading your post. A bit creepy actually.

    I can imagine it’s quite different to write for Wowinsider than to merrily poke around in your own little tranquil corner of the world.

    I’m glad you’ve taken up the challange. You’re a much better writer than many of the other guys there – and you’ve really got something to share, which you can’t say of all of them. Some just seem to throw out questions, rather than offering ideas…

    Larísas last blog post..10 top WoW-moments of Larísa


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