Nailed it

Madness is down. We were consistently getting to platform 4 on Monday. Finished it off in 3 or so attempts on Tuesday (lockout extension). I don’t know what kill’s more satisfying: Madness or Spine. That first Madness kill is super messy though: 4 healers alive and 2 DPS still standing.

Now we’re in New Game+ mode which means backtracking and picking up achievements and other kills from previous tiers.

On a completely unrelated note, always stretch before playing any sports. Paying the price right now for not properly stretching after some serious outdoor 3v3 volleyball. I also need to L2 jump serve.

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  1. Darthkeller says:

    Matticus, jump serving is overrated.  Good defense is where victories lie.  And everyone knows, the moon ball (or sky ball, sky serve, whatever) is a lot more fun

    •  @Darthkeller But you look so good when you can pull off a successful jump serve! And yeah, it’s all about the defense. I’m horrible on the back line :(. I’m a better setup/setter.

    • Darthkeller says:

       @mattuzzi Yes, when you successfully jump serve you look awesome.  When you don’t (which for me was about 75%), you look REALLY stupid for trying it.  Just saying, there’s a pro to doing it, but there’s a big con for failing
      But, as you said, Practice, then you look stupid, but you look stupid to the mirror and it doesn’t care

    •  @Darthkeller If it kisses the net and goes on the other team’s side, I’ll take it  =D.

    • Darthkeller says:

       @mattuzzi Agreed 🙂  Hey, grats on the Madness kill

    •  @Darthkeller Ditto. Jump serves are nice to look at, but placement wins you matches. If you have the capability to serve up a floater or top-spin with precision (like say, to the person you routinely shanks serves) you’ll wind up with more points and less stress on your rotator cuff. To me, roofing or 6-packing someone was always more thrilling than an ace. 😛
      Now a skin-of-your-teeth Madness kill … that tops it all. Grats on the new title. 

    • Darthkeller says:

      I agree, playing volleyball was fun (almost 20 years ago), now, I prefer WoW and a good boss kill trumps a spike, a great block, a jump serve, even a perfectly placed floater.

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