Mopping the Floor With Your Healers on the Meters

Mopping the Floor With Your Healers on the Meters

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Although Wyn and I have debated on the usefulness (or uselessness) of meters before in the past, we both agree that it does have some use if used properly. Today’s post isn’t another followup discussion of that. I think we’ve exhausted it to death. Today, I’m here to tell you how to abuse the meters. It’s time to unleash the greedy beast of a healer within. There’s a reason why pride is one of the seven deadly sins, but we’re going to give into that instinct today.

It’s time to have a little fun on trash pulls! Let’s go over a few ways to increase your healing. Remember that mana is not a primary concern since we can drink quickly between trash pulls.

Flash heal often: This is our fastest spell. It’s not the most efficient in terms of healing per mana, but we want to hit our guys as fast as we possibly can.

Take damage on purpose: Stand in the AoE. Eat a cleave. Shadow Word: Death often. But don’t do that if you’re going to die in one stroke. Extra damage you take means more heals you need to do.

Ease off the Renew: Normally, Renew is a great stabilizing spell and I frequently apply it to my targets before they take damage. However, it takes 15 seconds for it to run its course and your target will get brought to full before all the Renew ticks are utilized. Be greedy and flash instead!

Binding Heal: This is the big brother version of Flash heal. Not only does it heal your target, it heals you at the same time. So eat a bit of damage and Binding Heal someone else in the raid. It’ll add extra numbers and pad your meters further.

No Shields: Power Word: Shield prevents damage and they don’t count towards healing. Letting the damage through means you can heal more instead.

AoE heal at every opportunity: Specifically, use Circle of Healing. There are very few instant heal spells in the game. The ability to instantly heal 5 people for ~1000 health screams abuse. Use it often when you can even if it’s only a mage who took glancing damage. Yes, that’s right, use an instant cast spell to heal 1 player who took minor damage! You want to beat that Resto Shaman, don’t you?The one that’s been taunting and teasing you every raid? The one who said you weren’t buck? Yeah. That’s right.

Maximize trinket use: Most trinket cooldowns are 2 minute use (actually come to think of it, I think all of them are). That means you can use your trinkets 30 times every hour and increase your healing done by that much. Since we’re concerned with going all out, it’d be crazy not to use them every chance.

Respect chain heal: Respect the Resto Shaman. Chain Heal is unbelievable. The Shaman sets the initial target while the last 2 jumps from Chain Heal are automatic based on the health of nearby members. They’ll always go to the players with the lowest health within range.

Be a thief: Building upon the last point, what is Chain Heal’s greatest weakness? It’s the 2.5 second cast. Of course with increased spell haste, that cast time will go down fast. The Priest answer to Chain Heal is Circle of Healing. Be sneaky and set your local Resto Shaman as your focus. When they wind up their Chain Heal, beat them to the punch with a tap from Circle of Healing!

I wouldn’t advise using these tips on progression trash nights. But farm trash mobs are entirely fair game. DPS players love to use meters to show case their e-peen and it’s about bloody time for healers to do the same. Don’t just top the healing meters, dominate them, eh?

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