Mists of Pandaria Priest Glyph Changes

List is incomplete but there’s been a few glyphs that are out there already. Not too many Priest ones have been released, but here’s what’s available so far. My guess is that we’ll be seeing more glyph changes pretty soon. They’re probably in the process of either devising new ones or converting some of the existing talents into glyphs.

Glyph of Power Word Shield

20% of the absorb from your Power Word: Shield spell is converted into healing.

This change made me cringe slightly. If I read that right, it means a percentage of the absorb amount goes directly into healing. The current design of this glyph on live is that Power Word shield absorbs 100% of the amount and heals for 20% of the absorb. The upcoming design means the shield will absorb 80% of the initial value with the rest going into the heal.


Absorb for 100000, heal for 20000

Proposed for Mists

Absorb for 80000, heal for 20000

Typo, you think?

Glyph of Prayer of Mending

The first charge of your Prayer of Mending heals for an additional 60% but your Prayer of Mending has 1 fewer charges.

Looks like a slight nerf to the current Prayer of Mending glyph. It retains the bonus healing to the initial charge but you lose out on the last charge so it doesn’t bounce around as much. Going to say this is a definite situational glyph. If you’re in an encounter with AoE damage or a heavy aura fight, you’ll probably want this unglyphed. If it’s a strategic encounter though where there isn’t as much damage going around or going to very limited players, then the glyph has added benefits due to the front loaded nature of it.

Glyph of Holy Fire

Your Holy Fire spell is now instant.

I’m speechless.

Glyph of Circle of Healing

Your Circle of Healing spell heals 1 additional target, but its mana cost is increased by 35%.

Not much of a change here, I don’t think. Meant for balance purposes with the increase in mana and the added target.

What Priest glyphs would you like to see designed or converted from existing talents?

Edit: Zeroes. Sigh.

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  1. I kinda like the new PWS glyph, its the new model of “not mandatory, more situational” which means you get to swap glyphs for certain fights. Agree the Holy Fire glyph is awesome.

  2. PoM glyph makes sense, we’ve all had fights where it gets stuck on a pet or a shielded tank or someone who for some reason just isn’t taking dmg and have to re-cast with extra ticks on it anyways, so I’m ok with this compromise. I’d prefer if the nerf came with a cooldown reduction, too, but whatever.

    You’re missing a 0 on your example of how PW:S works live vs MoP. Also, could this mean it heals for 20% of the amount actually absorbed? As in, Shield for UP TO 10k, only take 5k dmg so only receive 1k heal? (simplified math, don’t rage)

    Glyphs I’d like to see:
    – Holy Fire DoT traded for cooldown removal
    – Cosmetic glyph for Hymns
    – Penance to look more fearsome
    – Penance to work with Atonement at the cost of not healing
    – Renew to refresh/elongate buffs/HoTs/mastery effects presently on the target
    – Dwarf priests to be changed to a better looking race

    • Here’s the present wording of the Shield glyph as it stands:

      Your Power Word: Shield also heals the target for 20% of the absorption amount.

      It’s the usage of the word “also” that leads me to wonder the way it’ll work.

  3. maybe make the disperse glyph give full immunity(similar to rogue cloak) but rather than a buff you can click off, make it a debuff so you cant dps at all for the duration.

    or the opposite, allow dps’ing while dispersed but only mitigate 40% of all damage.

    When it comes to the shield glyph, i don’t mind as long as we are balanced around it, because right now almost every disc priest has the glyph, so presumably if we unglyph it in MOP we should get bigger shields because they know it wont also heal, this is all guessing as they might try to down play shielding again but i hope it is more like


    Absorb for 100,000, heal for 20,000

    Proposed for Mists

    Absorb for 96,000, heal for 24,000
    or Absorb for 120,000

    edit:fixed my dodgy maths, very interested to see if it works like viktory suggested

  4. Assuming they’re not typos or misleadingly-phrased, these changes alter the specifics of abilities and allow customisation and differentiation but leave the overall “power” more or less the same.

    That seems consistent with the talent changes as well, in that the choice of talents doesn’t grant a “power” advantage, but gives some situational or playstyle-based benefit. I’m all in favour of the change if it makes glyphs a system that rewards analysis of encounters and of one’s own strengths and weaknesses, rather than straight-up theorycrafting and One True Setup.

  5. Biproxy & Malevica, I’m on-board with this change if it’s part of an over-all tuning that has 10-man Disc priests analyze the situation and make every GCD count, not just bubble-spam before big incoming damage. However, the new spell for Disc makes me think this isn’t the case.

    Basically, I like the idea of “I’ve got 1 GCD before the big hit, and they aren’t at 100% health. I can either heal or shield…oh hey, glyph accomplishes both and fits the ‘theme’ of mitigation”. Doing this, as Biproxy says, in way that makes us choose when to glyph versus assuming everyone is using it is a good idea.

  6. What about a Glyph of Penance that let’s it get cast on the move? Currently disc priests are getting a little bit shafted for healing on the move with the loss of Renew, it’d be nice to see them throw us a bone.

    • Ugh, that might be a little TOO over powered. The ability to Penance on the move with a cooldown reduction? Priest healing on the move gives you three spells off the top of my head: Prayer of Mending, Power WOrd: Shield, and Renew. I can use all 3 spells while moving before coming to a complete stop. Haven’t found too many situations where I had to constantly stay in motion and heal. Had to do it during Firelands Rag. Maybe ALysrazor (But we had feathers). Hagara, definitely.


    More on topic, the changes are all pretty good. Instant Holy Fire will make Atonement specs that much easier. Prayer of Mending will be nice situationally as you said, especially on tank-and-spank fights. Also lends nicely to Blizz’s whole idea of “making choices, not speccing once and never looking at it again.”

    The shield glyph is interesting – in one way, it makes more sense than the current incarnation, if you take it from an angle of making things less omnipowerful and more situational. However, it also means that technically, Holy’s shields will be more powerful (absorption-wise) than Disc’s, a gap that Disc would have to make up for with Mastery. Is a heal worth that? That’s a situational answer. But, I DO think it makes more sense to take a chunk of the absorption to make the heal, but that’s just me. I’d like to see math on it on AOE fights vs Single-Target fights…though I guess it really depends on what type of damage is going out, and what synergy you have in the group.

    • Also, one last thing is this:

      “Glyph of Lightwell – Increases the total amount of charges of your Lightwell by 2.”

      This sucks 🙁 those extra five charges are super nice for the larger raids (assuming your raid actually clicks lightwell.) WTB a glyph that resets the CD on Lightwell once all charges are exhausted….

      Alsox2, what’s up with all the SoR glyphs? Are they really trying to make that useful again? It’s situationally useful, but only if you are situationally planning to get your face kicked in. >.> I’m interested to see what that “Glyph of Flash of Light” one does, if it’s not just a mistake.

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