Mists: Further Priest Changes on the Horizon

Mists: Further Priest Changes on the Horizon

Ghostcrawler commented on a Discipline feedback post earlier today.

To summarize the key points:

  • Confirmation that Spirit Shell is a spammable absorb that won’t be as powerful as Power Word: Shield. On beta, it fills the Heal role which is not very satisfactory. They are exploring the option of having it fill the Greater Heal position instead.
  • They’re exploring ways to bring Rapture back in.  However, they want it to scale with Spirit so that Discipline Priests don’t neglect Spirit on their gear.
  • Power Word: Barrier mana costs are comparable to Divine Hymn.
  • They’re exploring ways to reduce the mana cost of Mass Dispel but the spells is quite powerful and they’re considering the inclusion of a cooldown aspect.
  • Players running through dungeons and raids are saying they have problems casting big heals and they are looking into this problem.
  • The priest talents are still not finalized and will be undergoing further refinement.
  • Glyph of Penance sucks. Glyphs as a whole are incomplete and continue to be developed.

Personally, I find it refreshing to see GC back in action again offering glimpses into the world of game balance and the various developer thought processes. Rapture’s a way cool mechanic and all, but with the other changes and such, I’m not sure if finding a way to restore it back in Mists is a real priority.  Do you agree with the problems and solutions that are in the process of being implemented?

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  1. xNikalia says

    Argh, nay to having a CD with Mass Dispel! This will be SO inconvenient for PVP!!! (Precasting mass dispel knowing the paladin is about to bubble…. if you fail at this, you have to wait for a CD). 
    If the CD is anything under 30 seconds, then ok. But I imagine it would be something significant like 1min + . 

    •  @xNikalia I think a 30 second cooldown’s probably fair. It’s a stiff penalty as it is since it already takes up a massive amount of mana to cast anyway. 

  2. I’d imagine Mass Dispell CD around 8-12 sec for a reduced mana cost, not 30+. 
    As for Rapture, it’s a cool idea, it worked well in Wrath, was valuable in early Cata as a work-around before everyone out-geared mana needs anyways, but it’s not the most dynamic or fun way to play.  “Stay off my tank” calls are always awkward.  I’d be fine with Rapture being replaced by something more like our T11 2p (mana back for penancing a shielded target).  Something that rewards us for playing appropriately and not just bubbling every x# of seconds.


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