Matt’s Monday Cop Out

Not really much of a mammoth sized post today. Today’s a big day for me personally. I’ve led a few raids myself but it was on an interim basis and with people that knew the strategies and their roles. This is going to be the first real raid I lead today. There’s a lot of players that I’ve never played with or raided with yet so in a way, there are two auditions going on:

    • My raiders and how well they can perform and listen

        My ability to lead and adapt strategy on the fly as well as troubleshoot problems quickly

        It’s my chance to earn their respect and for them to earn mines. I don’t have enough to field a full 25 player group yet. But we have enough now that I can afford to pug the remaining few with friends and colleagues from other guilds that I know to be reliable. I consider tonight’s pickup raid a dress rehearsal of future raids. I need to get accustomed to using certain addons and doing any pre-raid prep work.

        Selected reading

        I put the call out to Twitter for some posts because I don’t think I link out often enough. I’m taking the easy way out.

        Dechion: Grinding Fishing and Cooking from 375 – 450
        Stop: How to play a Death Knight
        Behemothdan: The Combat Rating System
        Medros: Memo from God (I like!)

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    1. good luck, it can take a lot of patience leading new people and spoon feeding them through content if they aren’t used to how “serious” a raid can be. Making sure they are always alert and aware of their roles, not taking dmg, and bringing everything with them to the raid.
      A true leader has this patience and guidance, but also the ability to cut off those you know don’t work well or can’t adapt with the team.

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