***11/15 UPDATE*** Matticus MIA


10:29 PM: 78. Going to pass out. Will take 80 by Monday.

11:26 PM: 72. For those that’re more interested in loot council, the type I’m shooting for is one where the players themselves have a say in whether or not they want a piece of loot. Read more about the FAQ here. Still need casters and healers.

6:41 PM: 71.

8:30 AM: Home with WoTLK normal and CE copies. Installation done after 30 minutes. Currently engaged with the Patch boss. 2 hour fight. Guild has a 61 DK already and a couple of 71 players.

Gone fishin’. See you in a few days.


Northrend’s nice this time of year.

All my friends and guildies have their copy. I won’t be able to get mine until tomorrow morning. Sigh. But I need sleep. 500 gold up for grabs for the first player to get to 80. What do you guys want to see in regards to future blog posts?

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  1. Don’t forget your ice auger then.

  2. Good. We volunteered you for the fish fry on Monday night. Hope you catch a big one.

    See ya Monday!


  3. At least us Aussies get our copy before *someone* then 🙂

  4. How about a place where I an get a CE copy? All sold out around me. Only 25 at walmart!

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