Matticast Episode 7 – 10s vs 25s

Welcome to Episode 7 of The Matticast. This week MattBorskKat, and Brian discuss:

This is the epic 10 man versus 25 man show. We cover everything from which one to start, which is harder to organize, strategy differences, and even which one brings more warm and fuzzy.

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***As a bonus you can check out Matt’s appearance on The Other Guys podcast this week, where they discussed Patch 4.0.6 and upcoming 4.1 content. ***

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  1. Coupd you update the post with a download link?
    Cant see it on a mobile browser.
    Thank you

  2. Best Commercial: Chrysler 300 commercial with Eminem and Detroit

    Loot: The way loot drops look for 10 mans is very disappointing. For the past 2-3 weeks we’ve had caster leather drop, which we have no use for (no druids in our raid. On the plus side, we’ve gotten used to raiding w/o battle rez and all in all i think that people take the fights a little more seriously) We have had a healthy supply of maelstrom crystals though, so i suppose there is a bright side to everything. ~shameless plug~ If any druid is looking for a 10m guild and would like to be geared out, hit me up =D

    Ranged vs. Melee on hybrid classes: I don’t think it is just whether or not a player prefers ranged or melee (i’m sure some of them it is). I think it is more the fact that this early in a tier, gear is scarce. A shaman who rolls into a raid and starts wanting any piece of mail that drops will probably not be received too well by the other mail wearing classes.

    Sorry for the wall-o-text. Just wanted to throw out my thoughts on the things discussed


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