Matticast Episode 20 – Cho’gall, Nefarian, and Top Tens

On Episode 20 of The Matticast, BorskMattKatChase and Brian discuss:

– Cho’gall and Nef strats

– Top 5 Things You Should Be Prepared For.

– New Plus Heal Forums and  Our Latest Project.

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  1. Wonderful Podcast, was just wondering if there is a transcript as I would really like to review all the strats for Cho’Gall and Nef

  2. Some tips from a 10 man shaman that i’ve found work on Nef:

    If you or your raids shaman drops mana tide totem after the first electrocute, it will for sure be off of cooldown going in to phase 3, giving your healers an extra chunk of mana to help out with that phase.

    Also going off of what Kat said, when kiting the adds in a 10m guild for phase 1 Nefarian a hunter or a frost mage can also do quite well kiting the adds. If they’re PvP’ers chances are they already have the skill set required, so it could be an easy switch. This works if you lack a plate dps or a feral druid dps (which we did for the majority of this tier).

  3. Morrvahria says

    I had a question about what Kat said about about Prayer of Healing in Cho’gall. She said that she uses a prayer of healing on both groups in her raid. I am wondering how to do this? I have a disc/holy priest and I find myself stuck when it comes to healing the other group while in disc. The only casts that I can use are not AoE type.

    I also have a Resto Shaman in a 10M raid that is 12/12 and 1/13 and the Nef fight was an interesting one. I found that as a healer I couldn’t keep up with the interrupts while on the platform. Between the shadow bolts and getting everyone topped off for phase 3, I couldn’t interrupt at all. We usually go into phase 3 right at 72 or 71%, so I have to be ready for a large group heal and the movement of Nef in order to allow the add kiter to do his job. Jar of Ancient Remedies seems to work really well for me in the mana department. I have little to no problem with raid healing as long as I am using it on cooldown.

    I do love my healers though.

    • Hi Morrvahria!

      I usually heal fights only as holy, so I’m not sure how discipline healers would deal with the mana consumption of two prayers of healing. I’ve found that if I wait until the last tick, then cast one prayer of healing on each group and then use heal and circle of healing to finish building everyone up to full health, I’ll be able to regen nearly all my mana before the next Shadow Orders.

      This is based on my regen and talenting though. I believe, so long as you’re not worrying about tank healing, you should easily be able to use heal to get people back up in enough time.

      I hope this makes sense,

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