Matticast Episode 15 – Combat Logs, Healing Meters, and Throwing In The Towel

On Episode 15 of The Matticast, BorskMattKatChase and Brian discuss:

– Combat logs and setting up World of Logs

– How to read and interpret healing meters

– Listener Tweets and Emails discussing guild moral, calling it quits, and raid comps.

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  1. Regarding the section on when to throw in the towel:

    There’s several ways to handle this, but here’s how I handle this kind of situation (since we actually came across this most recently with Ascendant Council).

    For example, we were having a LOT of issues with phase one (DPS low on Feludius, tank deaths, mostly). For purposes of staying on track, I’ll stick with this particular example.

    Since we were having so many issues, we took our break, and came back and we discussed as a raid group what we could do differently, and what issues we were having. For the above, it turned out our ranged weren’t swapping away from Ignacius fast enough, and our tank wasn’t getting far enough away for Glaciate, and some people were having trouble removing Waterlogged and also dying to Glaciate ice blocks.

    For us, as a 10-man guild, it has been a huge help, and has been very productive (also what helped us get down Atramedes finally). However, last week, we had some issues with raid deaths (we normally raid 10-man, but did 25-man this week) on Halfus – turned out our druids weren’t helping with the raid healing enough and I was more or less solo raid healing (over 1/3 of their healing each was on their assigned lifebloom tank, and then another 15% on each of the other two tanks) and kept running OOM. Unfortunately, though, because I couldn’t get them to pay attention in our healer channel, I had to call them on it over vent – such are the woes of raid leading, when you don’t want to embarrass people but they leave you no choice…

    • By the way, I also have a question. How do you deal with raid (or guild) members that you absolutely can’t stand, but most other people get along with just fine? Or perhaps better phrased, how do you cope with personality clashes?

  2. Just to clarify something about healing logs – overhealing does not count towards your HPS. You can’t juke your HPS numbers by healing people who are at full health.

    I’ve written a guide on using World of Logs, specifically aimed at healers that might be useful to people.

    I have specific guides for druids and paladins, and will be writing guides for the other 3 healing classes/specs soon (TM). It includes things like spell usage to look for, when overheal does and doesn’t matter, uptime on particular buffs/spells and cooldown usage.

  3. Lol cool to be called out on your podcast, Misha is the server btw

    I have to agree with Borsk on the calling a raid scenario, it is alot easier to judge if you know your players well, see where people are slacking and see if it is because of not seeing the “fire” or if it is due to lack of energy. I tend to call a raid and then take the same raid to an old school raid or do a few heroics to ease the tension usually built up from the wipes.


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