Matticast Episode 13 – Recruitment, Departures, and Raid Leading As A Healer

Welcome to Episode 13 of The Matticast. This week Borsk, Matt, Kat, Chase and Brian discuss:

– Options for Recruitment

– Dealing With Guild Departures

– Raid Leading As A Healer

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  1. Love this episode. The quality of the discussion is great, everyone brings a lot to the table and the podcast doesn’t get mired down in in-jokes and awkward silences. Keep it up!

  2. I think the raid leading role is more based on the player then the class/role. I, for one, am alot more comfortable raid leading as a tank and tend to miss things as a healer. Also you need to be comfortable with what your role is (as in tanking/dpsing/healing) before you can raid lead. From the podcast, it sounded like Borsk was completely comfortable healing and was able to see things that alot of players don’t look at. From personal experience, practice at raid leading will eventually get any player willing to learn up there as a potential raid leader.

  3. Kat! Put the boss on /focus so you can always see its cast bar 😉

  4. Question, does Borsk do 10 or 25man? It differs greatly if you say you are allowed to heal a bit less to be able to raidlead. On 10 you often do not have the luxury of doing a bit less, imho.

    That being said, it is indeed a fact that a dps will most likely do a bit less damage when leading. In theory, a tank will probably have a pretty good ability to lead depending on which fight you are on.

    For our 10man currently, I think we have found a perfect balance of leading. During the fight, people that see things they are looking at anyway, will yell out and inform the raid about it. Only battle rez and cooldown usage are things that come back to one person to coordinate a bit.

    For 25man, I’d suggest about the same thing, but predetermining which dps, healer & tank are assisting in raidleading and taking decisions.

    Running one RL in cata is pretty hard, encounters have little room for error these days.

  5. I have a question for next week about healing addons.

    It seems that healbot get’s a bad name compared to Grid. Why is that? I much prefer healbot.

    • Epiphanize says:

      Hopefully we answered that in this week’s episode. A lot of it has to do with some of the things in Healbot’s past. Issues with smart heal buttons, limited keybind options, and something it did with an intern. A lot of people just settled in to using other mods in the meantime. There are plenty of people out there who seem to enjoy it, it just so happens none of us went back to it.

  6. Per some previous comments, I believe we can get some agreement that the Wrath Holy Paladin was the easiest class to lead a raid on. Who’s with me?!

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