Matt Guest Speaks on the Rawrcast

I joined the Rawrcast crew last week for their Episode 6 podcast. Check it out when you have time!

Things discussed:

  • Dual specs
  • Patch 3.1
  • Blogging

I haven’t heard it yet (I have an aversion to hearing myself on podcasts). It was certainly a rather interesting experience to record with them! Seems I was cut off at a few points here and there!

In any case, enjoy!

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  1. Awwe – make me feel worse! lol

    Regardless, it was loads of fun to have you on. I can’t wait to do it again soon!

    Stompalinas last blog post..The Rawrcast Show: Episode 6

  2. How funny, I just realised I also play mostly healing clasees: Shaman(80), Priest(79), Druid(32), Paladin(20).

  3. Great common sense here. Wish I?d tohhugt of that.

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