Lodur’s Response to the Screen Shot Challenge

Syd posted a challenge from Here at voodoo ventrues  in which our friends asked us to pick our 6th screen shot and blog about it. Well unlike Syd I don’t delete them very often, or rather ever. As you can imagine I have ones dating way back. This one was the only one listed as number 6 in my folder though.

Here it is in it’s full glory:

This goes back to the days of Black Wing Lair being fresh and new. I was playing my hunter (Abigail) back then and raiding as much as I could. Work back then kept me from being full time raider, but when I could I shot things. This was our second night of attempts against Nefarian and we made it into phase 3. I forget exactly how we exploded, but hunters found a corner and FD’d (thanks for the safe spot Zabos)  and watched as the rest of the raid exploded. One of our old mages Gno happened to die in such a way that it looked like his head had been bashed with debris. I remember thinking it was the greatest thing ever and laughing hysterically. I mean really, what’s funnier then a dead Gnome?

Doing this made me look through a bunch of my old screenshots. I have lots of fond memories from the game and about 3 years worth of accumulated screenies. It’s good to take a trip down memory lane every now and then.

So now for you guys, Who else will accept the challenge?!

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  1. Somewhere I have a picture from when my guild got bored in BWL and laid down in such a way as to spell our guild name.


    I think half my SS folder is BWL stuff!

    Memory lane can make for a fun trip.

    Ambrosines last blog post..On Failing Less While Healing KT

  2. The only thing funnier than a dead Gnome, is a Gnome making you dead 😉

    Still, a Gnome crushed by debris is pretty cool… I know I would be laughing for a bit… until it sounded like I was coughing up the rubble…

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..GoogledGnome 3.1: Duel Specs, Freyja is Hawt & How do I kill Arthas

  3. The question is…

    …did the bitch go down on Monday?

    Which, when you think about it, isn’t all that an innocent question.

    PS. The only good Gnome is a dead Gnome.

    Inoperantes last blog post..Dual-Speccing Across the WoW-niverse…

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