Kaz’Rogal Knocked Out

Kaz'Rogal death by Carnage

Carnage is now 3/5. Azgalor is projected to go down within the next week. Then we might start working on Archimonde or focus on Black Temple.

Phat Lootz

Blue Suede Shoes
Black Featherlight Boots

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  1. Nice work. =)

    I’d heard that Hyjal/BT were pretty easy to knock out 3 bosses each in once you reached T6…. it seems that is the case (or else you guys rock harder than most guilds!).

  2. With Ruby Red Slippers and Blue Suede Shoes, zogm SHOE SHOPPIN.

  3. Thats the same exact loot when we killed him last night! lol

    Isn’t it fun to say your in a guild that’s 3/5 MH?

  4. Grats! Keep Rockin Hard!

    Where does that leave 4/5 MH + 3/9 BT in a week?

  5. Congrats! That’s awesome progression in such a short amount of time. Good luck in the weeks to come!

  6. Thanks guys =). Unfortunately, we’re 0 for 9 in BT as most of our efforts have been centralized around MH.

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