Integrity First!

It’s a funny story. Somehow I always end up in positions of responsibility.

I didn’t think I was going to last long in the guild I was in and after the first week, I was immediately going to walk away because I wasn’t satisfied at all with playing Shadow and I wanted to heal. I also wanted some more structure in raids in terms of assignments, strategy, and preparation which I wasn’t receiving. It’s one thing for players to look up the strategy and the plays. It’s another level to have specific key roles given to players like which players are interrupting what Mind Flay tentacle or which healer is negating what roar when. Then I received an offer to help put a new guild together — One where I didn’t have to make executive decisions anymore but I could apply my logistics and administration skills.

What a relief.

In the span of an afternoon, <Integrity> was formed. There is still much ground work to be done, but going 4/7 heroic in the span of a week is a good sign. We’re on the hunt now for DPS players, but we’ll consider every role including tanks and healers.

Personally, I’d love to see the addition of a Warlock, a Shadow Priest, a DPS Warrior, and a Holy Paladin.


This guy’s the current pain point at the moment. We’re directing poisoned players to drop off their pools to the north up on the little ramp and away from the web bridges. Tornado players are instructed to go south away from poison pools. However, when Elenthedre switches to bird form and starts casting her winds ability, we seem to be finding pools forming on our stack point on the boss’s feet.

Now we have two moves to consider:

  • Keep hammering home the point about accurate poison pool and purple tornado dropping, then pray we don’t get hit.
  • Or stack up somewhere first to ensure poison pools hit us and let the winds carry us into a different location before initiating defensive abilities.

I’m not quite sure if there’s an option C. Hoping a solution works itself out next week. We first need to survive the several seconds of pools and tornados together. Then we need to ensure a successful move going from 1st platform to 2nd platform with minimal casualties. If we can do that, we can easily take Elerethe down. But that’s our current challenge right now.

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