I hate second guessing myself

The Carnage strike team raided on Tuesday. This run wasn’t as smooth. Unfortunately, we couldn’t shut out the first five bosses in SSC and we did not have enough time for a Leo kill. I just need to assuage myself.

So here’s the situation.

We killed Fathomlord and two Defender tokens drop (Pants for Priests, Warriors, and Druids). Most of the other Priests had theirs. One of the Healing Priests took it, and then the option fell on me since I had the next highest amount of DKP among the three classes.

If I were to take it, it would render my [item]Star-Soul Breeches[/item] obsolete from Solarian. I would have wasted past DKP. Obviously the [item]Breeches of the Avatar[/item] would have been an upgrade but it would have been a slight upgrade.

If I pass, then the option would pass onto one of our main feral tanks. I know he would exercise his option and take it as they would upgrade his pants and make our raids marginally easier.

One of the hardest things to do in this game is to pass on loot when it comes to your turn. All of us players are human. Humans are inherently greedy. Passing on those pants, from a logical stand point, would be the right thing to do. But there’s that inner demon inside me that screams “I WANT IT AND I WANT IT NOW” (the Id even). Then I internally punched it in the face and said pass. If I took it, I would’ve been a hypocrite. At least now I’m practicing what I preach.

Who knows when it’s going to drop again? Knowing my luck, never. I’m not going to spend points on it until all the other Warriors, Priests, and Druids have theirs.

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