I Almost Forgot

My blog is 4 years old today!

Thanks to all of you turkeys, clowns, gnomes and gators that have subscribed and put up with my insanity. Work must be that boring, eh? Hat tip to all the guest posters, the team and the supporters that have continued to give me the fortitude to continue writing.

So a quick informal survey. What’re you interested in seeing more of topics wise (or anything in general)? There are some days where I come up with a blog post idea and then realize I wrote about that back in 2009. Not that there’s anything wrong with revisiting old topics for discussion as long as I add a fresh perspective to it, of course.

Monocle smile.

EDIT: By the way guys? Your GMs called. They asked me to ask you to stop putting Amani Hex Sticks in the bank!

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  1. Happy 4th blogaversary, you old codger 🙂
    I hope you get all the Amani Hex Sticks you can eat!

  2. w00t nice milestone! Congrats 🙂

  3. Gratas all around on your 4th.! I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time, and am looking forward to more.

  4. Despite the mocking we receive on shows like Matticast and Circle of Healing, I’d love to see some more Holy Paladin talk.

    And we push at LEAST 4 buttons, I’ll have you know, sometimes even 5 ^.^

    And a very happy blogiversary!

  5. Exactly what I was gonna suggest. Like Ril, I want more Holy Pally talk so get Chase busy writing on here.

    Also, Congrats on the Big Four!!!!

  6. Needs more Hex Sticks.

    I hope to see some more posts about gamer psychology, and the social phenomenon found within guilds, gaming and raiding. These are my favorite posts. Even years later, they do not become dated and are still great reads.

  7. Nice achievement Matt, congrats!

  8. Stephanie Pohler says:

    Just like to say glad your back. I’m a holy/shadow priest Vizzion on winterhoof realm. Once patch comes through I’d like to hope that a raid finder addition will be beneficial. I love my healer And couldn’t have managed without this sites information and encouragement . Ty all soo much for your input. On a side note, I’d be interested in more on ppl managing to heal without aid of addons I’m guilty but learned without them and find it hard to use them,, heal bot.. Etc.. I made it to 85 w/o it and I can raid and heal heroics.. But can I really continue to do without them?? Are they now a strong suggestion or requirement? I’ve not been kicked from a raid & no complaints…. So it begs me to ask Am I ok vanilla style or do I need an addon to make me outstanding? Love u guys

  9. Congrats on the Bloggiversary. Sorry I missed the actual day..

  10. Well about those Hex sticks…. Ok ok even our guild has that issue lol I’m treasurer of Defenders of the Moon. And I can tell you that I’m coming up with ways to use them As in , a scavenger hunt. 5 hex sticks 2 I win buttons 4 mugs of dalaran reserve and a gnome Gmome must be a non guild member lol Anyway try games and fun and incorporate all that “junk” in a guild vault.

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