Healing Heroic Emalon the Storm Watcher

Healing Heroic Emalon the Storm Watcher

emalon_phixr If you didn’t know already, Emalon is the new boss in the Vault of Archavon in Wintergrasp. Unlike his cousin though, he’s got a bit of a kick to him and look out because he brought friends!

The encounter starts with Emalon in the middle of the room and four tempest minions surrounding him. Generally you’re set up is going to be one Main Tank and one to two Off Tanks. The offtank will grab all four of the Tempest Minions and drag them off to one side of the room, while the Main Tank grabs Emalon and take him towards the opposite side.

Emalon’s Abilities

First it should be noted he hits very hard on plate. Average hit pushes up around 20,000 damage.

Chain Lightning: Like the name inplies it’s a chain lightning, but the more people it chains to, the more damage it does. The raid will have to be spread out to avoid players eating a rolling chain.

Lightning Nova: This is similar in effect to Loken’s nova. He will occasionally spam a raid wide blast that deals increased damage the closer you are to him. Melee who are not fast to move out of it, and the MT will take a large hit (upwards of 20,000). If you are not in the immediate vicinity when it goes off you can expect to take roughly half the damage.

Overcharge: Occasionally Emalon will cast overcharge on one of the Tempest Minions. This will heal the minion to full health and increase that minions damage output by 20%. After 24 seconds the minion will explode causing massive raid wide damage.

Beserk: On heroic difficulty, Emalon has a 6 minute enrage. This will increase his damage output by 500%.

Healing Emalon

Emalon is a fun fight for healers. He hits hard and there is a lot of raid wide damage going on. The fight is set up though that group healing (Chain Heal, Circle of Healing, Wild Growth and glyphed Holy Light) becomes less effective as generally people are spread out to avoid Chain Lightning.

Main Tank Healing

Two healers should be assigned to the MT. I’ve found that a Disc Priest and a Resto Druid do wonders to even out the spikes in damage. Keeping HoTs on the tank as well as aggressively shielding help to smooth out the damage. The healers on the MT will have to keep a steady stream going as the tank will be eating novas at ground zero, large melee hits and potentially chain lightnings if the melee are not far enough away.

Off Tank Healing

The OT is similarly going to be taking a lot of damage. It is suggested to have two healers dedicated to the OT. Healers should keep a full range of HoT’s on the OT and be ready to drop large heals as adds gain Overcharge. The OT will be taking some of the nova splash as well as being beat on by four adds.

Raid Healing

For healing the raid you should have two to three healers assigned. Between Chain Lightning and Lightning Nova there will be a lot of raid damage being thrown around. The raid will be spread out though and so group healing should be replaced with a series of quick heals (Lesser Healing Wave, Flash Heal, Flash of light) as well as having HoTs up on as many targets as you can. Shamans I would suggest dropping Healing Stream Totem. It’s a 30 yard range so even with people spread out it will still hit most. Similarly Tranquility can be used to great effect because of it’s 30 yard range. Group heals can be used at certain points, such as when melee crowds around Tempest Minion to burn it down. They will be close enough together for a time to shoot off a couple quick Chain Heal, Wild Growth or Circle of Healing before they move back to Emalon.

It’s a fun fight. It forces healers to utilize different heals and keeps us casting pretty much throughout the entire encounter, so make sure you have your MP5/Regen gear on and potions at the ready.

Until next time, Happy Healing


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  1. Noeffect says:

    Btw, you didn.t mention it in your article, but having a nature resist totem up , or a hunter’s nature resist aura(or w/e the name for it is) will create a significant amount of damage mitigation from the chain lightning and lightning nova, around 20-25%. Happy raiding!

  2. The MT can easily run out of the nova and charge back in. No need to heal for that.

  3. And I read that when you got one lock priest or hunter mana drain him the whole time he won´t be able to cast chain lightning. When melee runs out of nova that makes the fight really trivial from a healing point of view, cause there will be no raid damage at all. That will allow you to have less healers and more dps on him which will make the fight a lot easier, cause in the end its a dps race with fast switching required.

  4. @Taraske: No matter how far I’ve run away from him, there always seems to be splash damage from the nova. Running out reduces it but it doesn’t negate all of it. If there is a distance you can run away and not take damage I’ve yet to find it =(

    @Karel same issue with melee moving out, there will always be some damage on the tank. combine with CL and melee hits, it’s better to be prepared then not at all IMO (we all know what happens when the lag deamon hits.)

    @noeffect that is a thought. Especially with having multiple shamans in a raid it’s pretty easy to do that.

  5. I believe that the nova on Normal mode has a limited range (20 yards?), and heroic has a 100-yard range.

    However, it may be possible to escape by hiding. The sides of the room have bulging walls which you can hide behind. On our last (normal-mode) attempt, we tanked Emalon in the back-right corner and the four minions in the back-left corner. When Emalon started a nova, the tank quickly ran out of the “Emalon corner” and ducked around the wall to head to the “minion corner”. He had to move fast, but he avoided the nova about half the time. Just bring the boss back to the Emalon corner when done.

    This was on normal mode, I don’t know if it works on Heroic.

  6. I just got to run with a guild+PuGs against this Emalon, and it was awesome.
    So much so that I had to blog about it.

    In short, I’m new to raiding scene, and this was the most fun I’ve had wiping multiple times in my entire WoW ‘career’. We ran it mostly blind, and was fun to learn about and Progress through.

    Maebiuss last blog post..A Reworking of Nate’s Webgame

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